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TV drama "blind date" fixing   Jiang Xin: Hsu Chi sweet wedding let me see hope entertainment channel — original title: Jiang Xin Hsu Chi: sweet wedding let me see the hope of TV drama "blind date" fixing 3S lady off single inspirational comedy "blind" is about to kill green. The 5 day, the crew held event in Suzhou, starring Jiang Xin and Li Yanan, Wang Ting and Chen Liang appeared. When interviewed, Jiang Xin generous described the concept of marriage, said the day before the wedding of Hsu Chi sweet, let her see the hope, feel happy is, "marriage is a lifetime thing, cannot be compromised. Time is not a problem." "Blind date" tells the story of plump 3S lady (Jiang Xinshi) summer off the single story. On the day of Jiang Xin to play other appearances, unlike TV drama "Ode to joy" in makeup, sexy Fan Shengmei, Jiang Xin dressed in black and white plaid chiffon shirt, black pants, wearing a ball head, style and domineering characters can be quite different before. Jiang Xin during the filming of rest during the exhibition stay cute adorable gesture, the staff from time to time to open a joke, but also take the initiative to help Lee Mega makeup, playing live software to interact with the fans, sitting in a chair swing". When the media in the photo, Jiang Xin immediately got up and playfully said, "I must pay attention to the image, is my goddess!" it is reported that, in order to better interpret the summer this role, Jiang Xinzeng weighs about ten pounds, "that is to say I can presume to eat, this movie I can always very extravagant to eat and drink." But when it comes to taking part in the "Ode to joy 2" shooting, Jiang Xin said, and now began to diet, the most recent period to lose weight. It is reported that the blind about Jiang Xin, Lu Yi’s first screen cooperation. Goings, Lu Yi did not appear on the scene. Asked about working with Lu Yi feelings, Jiang Xin described Lu Yi as her father, because my father when young photos, with Lu Yi when the festival "yongbumingmu" particularly like, I remember him, but there has been no cooperation, in fact there are a lot of chances, but missed. The first time I saw him, I felt like he was my dad." She also ridicule no spark and Lu Yi partner, "and the old cadres can have what sparks?!" in an interview, talked about the "blind understanding about" Jiang Xin admitted that she is not going to date, not to mention the blind date, but she is not opposed to others about the blind, "there are a lot of opportunities to contact with different people, this is right. I just in this relatively slow." Jiang Xin said he on the other half of the requirement is to be refined and elegant appearance, can see the line, "I really need one can understand me, love me, tolerate me, I don’t love to explain, so I hope to have more understanding of my people." As to when to get married, Jiang Xin said no hurry. The day before, Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung announced the marriage maxed out screen, many people also care about Jiang Xin, Lin Chiling and other entertainment 3S lady. In this regard, Jiang Xin think happiness is worth, marriage is a lifetime thing, can not do. Time is not a problem. All my friends are married, and I don’t have any pressure. I feel very happy, because a few years for my people will appear. Like Hsu Chi got married, I’m special.相关的主题文章: