Trump open recruitment of more than 4 thousand Deputy ministerial positions – Sohu

Trump open recruitment more than 4 thousand vice ministerial posts – Sohu news according to Trump released a job posting, the main recruitment has four categories: the first position, PAS level, and the need to pass a Senate nomination (1212 places). This kind of level officials in the United States government is the "real school, including major ministries and vice minister, the United Nations ambassadors and organizations, leaders. Both FBI and CIA are of this level. Level equivalent to China’s ministerial level officials. In such a position is democratic and Republican a hotly contested spot, Obama official term is often nominated by the Republican Congress veto. However, the U.S. presidential election, the Republican Party to become a super winner, became the Senate majority party. Trump’s nomination is expected not to face fierce opposition, or is likely to pass. Second, PA level, the presidential nomination, without the approval of the Senate (353 places). This kind of "the president appointed" position has 353, including the White House officials, smaller department leaders, and the second in command of some ministries "". Third, NA level, non tenure of senior administrative officer (680 places). This class of officials in the president appointed officials of staff, is the high level officials in the U.S. government affairs specific operation. Fourth, SC level, confidential positions (1403 places). This kind of position has a certain degree of confidentiality, including the planning of the staff, confidential consultants, policy experts, etc..相关的主题文章: