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Traffic police forces to complete the Xiamen martyrs cemetery green cleaning tasks – men who Beijing traffic police forces are cleaning up the Xiamen martyrs cemetery by the typhoon damaged trees. Yang Yang photo Beijing, Xiamen, September 20, (Gong Xiaojiang Fang Cheng Yang Yang) typhoon "Meranti" in the landscape of Xiamen suffered heavy losses, even the day to day and night, traffic police officers and soldiers kept fully clean up by the typhoon damaged the city green belt, make efforts including tourism industry to minimize the loss recovery the typhoon damaged the city landscaping projects and residents of the normal production and living order as soon as possible. In September 19th, Xiamen martyrs cemetery, the officers and men of the armed forces of transportation are cleaning up the trees damaged by typhoon. According to the eight detachment He Chengtai introduced the 17 day at 3:30 in the morning, just arrived in Xiamen, the three Corps detachment of eight officers and soldiers immediately into cutting, transport, cleaning up typhoon blow down trees, in order not to affect the normal production and life of urban residents, the troops in white days cut clean, people rest after arrangement transport vehicle. In September 19th, after the completion of?? the shores of lake and river head park green cleaning tasks, the troops immediately into the Xiamen martyrs cemetery clean-up task. Xiamen martyrs cemetery office director Huang Lijuan told reporters that the typhoon "Meranti" landing in Xiamen, the park was badly damaged, after preliminary statistics, the damaged lodging trees in 382, can repair and pruning is 192 trees. Xiamen city in September 30th will be held in the national martyrs public cemetery of martyrs memorial activities, complete the cleanup task time is very tight, thanks to the traffic police officers and soldiers to help clean up, otherwise it is difficult to complete the task of cleaning up. In order to ensure that the September 30th Xiamen martyrs memorial activities carried out smoothly, the 19 day at six o’clock in the morning, the third team dispatched 36 troops, carrying cranes, loaders, dump trucks, hand-held automatic logging machines and other professional equipment, to the martyrs cemetery to start cleaning up, and with the local garden experts righting and treatment to some trees. In order to improve the cleaning efficiency, the commander will force into the crane group, chainsaw group and the liquidation group handling group, the scene of the fallen trees to clean transport. As of 5 pm, complete the cleanup task basically martyrs cemetery. (end)相关的主题文章: