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Today we stand up for the children, who will pay for them tomorrow? A few days ago – Sohu mother, went to the hospital to visit a teacher surnamed Liu, 60, suffers from Parkinson’s disease, just started only mild symptoms, and later to walk accidentally stepped on a stone will fall into the stage of life can not take care of themselves. This admission, one night care not, she wants to go to the toilet, and not willing to wake up the 27 year old daughter, the fall in the living room. When you go on Saturday, the 4 elderly ward in the hospital, is in the care of nursing. We are talking with Miss Liu, her daughter, unhappy face. The middle teacher Liu wanted to urinate, her daughter very patiently to the sentence: "how do you so much! Know your action is not convenient, do not drink ah!" It sounds bad ass, but when the girl left, Liu sighed: "do you think this boy was not sensible?" Of course we deny, but Liu said: "the heart door blame me, thirty years old was born a girl, my wife and I took her the same pain when the eyeball, a teenager is not willing to let her do the dishes sweep the floor, read the private university to find work, I ask a student to help her a stable light unit, want to travel their wages is not enough for us to give her up. The death of his wife, we often not as good as before, but she did not credit card, I still help her pad. Who know I can get this excruciating disease, hospitalization, rehabilitation, care workers assorted add up to a month’s eight thousand million children could not go over it, the home savings ran out, my salary is not enough, the girl’s salary just enough for her, she had to borrow money to help me how can borrow money, ah! You look at her recent state, all of a sudden I was forced to crazy disease. If my wife and I did not spoil her, let her know the economic situation at home, understand that life is never easy, perhaps it will not collapse." Then, Mr. Liu told me that the discourse of gravity long: "your home is a boy, he must have independent, children play, later on social encounter Gougou kankam, did not think the days are collapsed." Indeed, parents care too much for their children, not only the lack of opportunity to withstand setbacks, there is no courage to face life. Meet the disappointments of life, not helpless is a bad temper. This tragedy is caused, to a large extent, parents hinder the growth of children. An old uncle, son of so spoiled. The children get married, in order not to lose face, give the woman the highest standard of new bride, bite the bullet and buy more than and 130 flat, furniture and home appliances according to the child’s heart, is the county Deluxe wedding. When my marriage was over, my uncle owed nearly two hundred thousand of the debt. He loves his son, and feel that he was only 50 years old to have the ability to make money, so long ago and his son said that all the debts he was a man. But the weather is unpredictable, the accident in the uncle to do the decoration, the loss of work ability, also can’t overwork. My aunt was originally an ordinary housewife, by helping people to do part-time pick up the child to do the cooking, a month to earn money to eat money相关的主题文章: