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To prevent the most expensive land into a hot city year priority – Property – original title: to prevent the most expensive land into a hot city year priority 24, Shanghai land market announcement, Putuo District suspended a land transfer activities. This is the past seven days, the Shanghai land market announced the suspension of the sale of land for the announcement of a total of four, involving a total of third residential land. 22, Shanghai Pudong New Area Tang town new town plots were aborted transfer 18 days, Pudong New Area; Shanghai International Medical Park 20-10, 21-10 block transfer activities have been suspended. The industry believes that the four consecutive residential land was stopped, the reason behind is that the city of Shanghai is the fire of the hot land market through emergency control. Reporters learned that the 17 day of the land market in Shanghai on the same day in Jingan District, Baoshan District, Qingpu district to sell three plots, single day total 18 billion 400 million yuan of land revenue, three land price record and regional price. Among them, the Jingan District plots to 11 billion 10 million yuan total price, the floor price of more than 100 thousand yuan square meters, the premium rate of 139%, a national record of the historical price of the king. Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that the country especially in a second tier city of hot floor price more than housing prices have become the norm, "and the most expensive land" phenomenon, land prices rose too fast is brewing a huge risk. He said, a second tier city intensive the most expensive land, the local government had to make for the land market regulation, in order to curb rising prices. Shanghai suspended the sale of a number of land, including the market forecast of the quasi king". According to the current situation of Shanghai land market, land price generally more than the surrounding floor price, if there is no suspension announcement, the homestead future auction floor price exceeded 100 thousand yuan square meters will be a high probability event, the price will be roughly the same and the most expensive land in Jingan District. Economist Ma Guangyuan believes that in Jingan District, for example, the total price of 11 billion 10 million yuan, the premium rate is 139%, estimated the final price close to 200 thousand yuan per square meter. It must be noted that this is not the king of the surface to see the housing prices shoot out. This position, so scarce plots, when released, when will be the king." He said. 24, 2009, Shanghai Songjiang District small town of sold SJS40001 units 23-01, 24-01 block. Lu Jin real estate total price of 4 billion 250 million yuan won the land, the floor price of 20934 yuan square meters, the premium rate of 158%. Centaline Research Center, the latest statistics show that since August, the national total of more than 1 billion yuan a total land mass of more than $45 plots, of which the premium rate of more than 100% plots up to 30. The agency analysts believe that August is likely to become the king of the history of the history of the most dense land. Consulting with the policy research director Zhang Hongwei analysis, for the Beijing Shanghai deep frequency is the most expensive land first-tier cities, Suzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other second tier city, focus on the second half of the land market is the kind of king. In his view, can be increased by the effective land相关的主题文章: