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In the field of radio and television programs – the media – people.com.cn title of the original production of small cost, big feelings, positive energy: making small cost feeling positive energy program the newspaper news (reporter Niu Chunying) in September 27th, the State Press and Publication Administration held a radio and television program innovation forum in Shanxi Taiyuan, the original radio and television programs and called for on the production of low cost, big feelings, positive energy at the meeting. Tian Jin, deputy director of the State Press and Publication Administration of radio and television, China Radio, film and television, the vice president of the Federation of social organizations, the Shanxi provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Hu Suping attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Centering on "how to see" and "how to do" two centers, the paper discusses the significance of the independent innovation of radio and TV programs and the implementation path. He believes that the current radio and television programs, innovation and excellence has formed a good atmosphere. The whole system is actively exploring in the field of program innovation, showing a healthy upward trend, the emergence of "I have Jiabao," "waiting for me," "Chinese poetry conference" "song from the Yellow River," and a number of good programs. At the same time fully affirmed the achievements, Tian Jin pointed out that it is necessary to recognize the existence of weak links in independent innovation, promote independent innovation of radio and television programs imminent, imperative. To put into full China through the spirit of independent innovation, to reflect the theme selection, scene setting, rule making, interpersonal interaction and other aspects, vivid expression of Chinese of the Chinese nation, world view, mode of thinking, value orientation and moral values, subtly show "unique spiritual world" Chinese, transfer "people daily and feel the values", let Chinese spirit more widely and more deeply in the whole society air plant. Tian Jin stressed, should be good at making small cost, big feelings, positive energy transfer program, in the plain in the sincere stunning spirit, innovative programs to achieve "three changes", which is a transformation from economic driving to innovation driven, transformation from packaging speculation to the winning content, change from service to service clients the masses of the people, always stick to literary innovation in serving the people and socialism in the beginning of the heart. In June this year the Administration issued the "notice" on promoting the independent innovation of radio and TV programs, strengthen independent innovation, the introduction of management mode, "920" program with the arrangement, policy support and other work to do further instructions. The "notice" issued, causing highly in favor of the industry and society, Hu Zhanfan said in his speech, the program innovation is the survival and development of television, the administration has always attached great importance to innovation, introduce some point, effective policy should have a correct understanding on the introduction of foreign models of "limit", its purpose is to promote the independent innovation. Hu Suping of Shanxi cultural resources that Shanxi broadcasters around the innovation efforts, she believes in Shanxi characteristics, cultural character, national spirit of the management concept, Shanxi radio and television station launched "into the" big stage "said Shanxi good scenery" "your name" and other excellent programs. At the meeting, the production of a number of broadcast agencies introduced excellent experience in innovative programs, including CCTV, "I have Jiabao," the Central People’s broadcasting station, "we are missing."相关的主题文章: