Thomson Reuters released 2016 Nobel forecast two Chinese scientists

Thomson Reuters released 2016 Nobel forecast: two Chinese scientists selected the original title: the latest forecast released "citation laureate Award" two Chinese scientists are expected to receive the Nobel Prize in new Beijing on 21 September, (reporter Yan Xiaohong) the latest "citation laureate Award" list of 21 released on the forecast 2016 Nobel prize winner. Among them, the detection of gravitational waves generated by the black hole and cancer immunotherapy research among the laurel award. Intellectual property and technology division of Thomson Reuters released its 2016 21 citation laureate Award (Citation Laureates) list, forecast this year or in the near future is expected to receive the Nobel prize of the scientific elite. Since 2002, the annual citation citation awards have successfully predicted 39 Nobel laureates. The award by the world’s most important academic research and discovery platform (including natural science, social science and humanities art three fields) in scientific research papers and citation analysis, selected this year or the next few years in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine and economics of the world’s most likely wins Nobel prize influential researchers. Chinese American scientist Zhang Feng of the Chinese University Hong Kong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Yuming after 2014 and 2015 this year, the grand prize citation list for third consecutive years — Chinese scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist Professor Zhang Feng, and Professor Lu Yuming from Chinese University Hong Kong were selected this year in the field of chemistry citation laureate award winners. Zhang Feng was in mouse and human cells by CRISPR-cas9 gene editing technology award; Lu Yuming is due to the detection of free fetal DNA in maternal plasma in the blood, thus obtaining non-invasive prenatal detection results in a revolutionary list. As of now, a total of 8 Chinese scientists have won the Thomson Reuters citation laureate award, the first Chinese American scientist Qian Yongjian Award (Roger Tsien) won the Nobel prize for chemistry in 2008.相关的主题文章: