This is what women really look forward to happiness!

This is what women really look forward to happiness! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: read "marriage means to half personal rights and double one’s duty." 1 and friends dinner, each sent a representative ordering. Because with the children, every mother in his wits exhaust all the skills bear doll, heavy meal fell in the father. Friends A husband ordered two dishes a soup, and then told the waiter: soup can not put ginger and coriander ah!" As A’s best friend, I know her husband two dishes point is a favorite wife, know A in the diet taboo. Go out to eat, often see a similar scene. Women take care of baby rush, the husband looked at the menu and ordered their love, then repeatedly asked his wife: "what do you eat? Come on. The waiter’s waiting here!" Wife complained about a slightly slower or "married for so many years, I love to eat what you don’t know," husband mouth "is really hypocritical" would blurt out. On how to understand the wife’s food preferences this point, A’s husband put a lot of her husband dumped a few streets. A children, broken water ten hours before opening three, and finally into the delivery room, careless mother to make her lunch is with fish and shrimp skin. A was on oxytocin, a round of pain after a round, peeling skin, can not spit thorns. That husband daughter-in-law category after lunch, rushed to the hospital on the opposite side of the restaurant packed daughter-in-law favorite eel rice, no thorns, good chewing, nutrition, called for the nurse to give his wife still lost to all sense of shame to change food. Until now, A children have three and a half years old, she put up this matter, eye brow are happy. Some people say that when you give birth to a child you are bad for your wife, she will remember for a lifetime; similarly, when you give birth to a child, every point of his wife, they will remember life. Good 2 since the birth of a child, L full-time at home, stay for a period of 3 years. Although she was not a career type of woman, but work is better than no income security. For some time, L’s husband is always very busy, and sometimes not return all night, L began to think about the west. There are times her husband to take a bath, the phone rang, L suddenly impulse, want to peep her husband’s circle of friends. Boot password tried 3 times on the success, is their wedding anniversary; recent contact, not relatives and friends is a partner. Because of the open mobile phone, are not careful to answer the phone, L is afraid of husband found himself reading his mobile phone, then delete just missed calls. The next few days, everything is as usual. One day, L’s husband suddenly said that the company has a staff meeting in the year, to take her to participate. The party, as the vice president of the husband, very solemnly introduced his wife, and said that if he could not without her support, intentnesses himself in work, not cheyebugui overtime; their work performance, half the credit with a wife. This is confirmed, L red eye socket. After a long time, L will find their delete missed calls, almost let husband company lost a large order. Original contact again相关的主题文章: