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These are the mother of milk food can not know? Breast milk is the most nutritious food for babies, but if the mother can not continue to breastfeed for a variety of reasons, it is necessary to wean the baby. However, some mother’s milk because of foot, difficult to milk. I have received all kinds of questions of kangaroo mothers: the time of weaning what to eat milk? Back to the milk to pay attention to what? How many days can return to milk success? Aiming at the problem of milk to the kangaroo mom made a summary of mothers look. First understand what is milk? The so-called "back to milk" refers to the baby after weaning so that the breast no longer secrete milk. There are two methods to milk: 1 natural milk method: suitable for more than 10 months, breastfeeding baby normal weaning or less mother milk. By gradually reducing the number of breast-feeding, shortening the time of feeding, as well as the use of diet and other methods to help reduce milk secretion and even no longer. 2, artificial milk method: suitable for breast-feeding time not more than 10 months, because of illness or other reasons and forced to wean the baby’s mother. In addition, the normal weaning, if too much milk, natural milk back effect is not good, can also use artificial methods to milk. The method of artificial milk is usually with the help of drugs to reduce the secretion of milk. Western medicine is usually oral or intramuscular injection of estrogen drugs, such as diethylstilbestrol, or intramuscular injection of estradiol benzoate. However, it is recommended to try to avoid the use of hormone drugs or milk needle, it is easy to cause breast atrophy, or breast secretion. The method of traditional Chinese medicine to milk the decoction of Chinese medicine, diet or external application. With no need to return to milk, is different from person to person. If the natural milk back long time can not go back, mother feel uncomfortable, in order to reduce the pain can take lactifuge; if the milk is not much, do not have to take any medicine. What to eat to return to milk? Back to milk and diet have a great relationship, if you eat some milk back to the food, you can let the milk twice the result with half the effort, but the specific effect varies from person to person. 1, malt malt milk: Traditional Chinese medicine commonly used, but its usage and different dose. Some people use, some people fry. Some people say raw malt milk, malt milk. In fact, regardless of raw and fried with milk have the effect of. Malt milk, is mainly the role of ergotamine, if the heat is too long, will be failure, so the raw malt milk is better. However, raw materials are not easy to digest, so many pharmacies will be given a slightly fried malt. Every day when the water to drink, a few days can be back to milk. 2, pepper: Pepper 12 grams, add water to 500 ml, cook until the remaining 250 ml, plus a total of 30 grams of brown sugar, generally take a time to ease up milk, the milk can be returned to the two. 3, raw rice bud: with raw rice sprouts 40 grams of boiling water to take, generally can be effective for two days. How to do a lot of milk? There are a lot of mother is very serious in rising milk to milk, even up nipple deformation or the occurrence of mastitis. The front part suggested that the mother squeezed milk, but not empty, otherwise it will continue to stimulate breast milk. If the mother breast pain badly, you can try using Glauber’s salt, have"相关的主题文章: