The writer for forwarding Comics – Sohu news shot to discredit Islam in the court outside 9c8836

The writer for forwarding to discredit Islam in the court outside shot Comics – Sohu news in new network on 26 September,   according to foreign media reports, the famous writer Nahad? Jatar (Nahed? Hattar) for forwarding to discredit Islam comics, September 25th in the capital city of Amman was shot at the gate of the court. According to reports, local time on September 25th morning, a gunman to the 56 year old jatar fired three shots. At that time in front of the court on duty police jatar rushed to hospital, but eventually jatar died. The murderer was arrested on the spot, the firearm was confiscated, the authorities are investigating the shooting, but also did not disclose the identity of the suspect. After the incident, the government issued a statement strongly condemning the killing jatar "ugly crimes," said authorities will thoroughly investigate the incident, punish the perpetrators, while "heavy blow" by shooting the spread of religious hate speech. In August this year, as a Christian, because he was in the face book account to forward a piece of anti Islam cartoons arrested. The arrest of jatar, the prosecution alleged jatar alleged defamation of Islam and inciting sectarian strife, jatar called comic satire terrorists and their imagination in God and heaven, "no blasphemy". Earlier this month, jatar released on bail. Since 2012, the United States had anti Islam film, "Charlie French weekly" published the desecration of Islam cartoons of the prophet Mohamed, have caused a great disturbance in the middle east. In January 2015, Paris is located in the "Charlie" magazine headquarters of terrorist attacks, killing 12 people were killed, including the editor, 11 people were injured, bloodshed shocked the world.相关的主题文章: