The woman was bombed out of the 6 floor in the early morning of the death of a number of people thou-magicq

The woman was blown out from the 6 floor in the morning and killed a number of residents thought it was an earthquake (Figure) the scene of the explosion of new culture news figure netizen "Changchun – wind" was released (reporter Xing Yang) 18 day at 6:40 in the morning, is located in that street and Park road Changchun city at the intersection of a 6 storey residential building 6 floor of residents in a sudden. To a violent explosion, a woman was blown out of the window, was killed. Many residents thought that Mr. Wang lived in the vicinity of the accident. At 6:30, there was a traffic accident at the intersection of Wan Street and Paradise Road. "I was watching the car accident next to me, and suddenly I heard a loud noise behind me." Mr. Wang shrunk with fright and looked back. The glass fragments flew off the 6 floor, and the window smoked. "I thought it was an earthquake, scared and quickly picked up the child ran out, shards of glass crackling down, too scary." A woman on the first floor said in his heart. A small shop owner, about 30 meters away from the incident, said the shock from the explosion shook the lights of his bedroom. Many residents of homes damaged windows at 9 in the morning, the scene has been to see the fireworks, the cordon has not been lifted, the residents in the basic outdoor escape, the building in front of, can see 6 3 floor windows damaged, 5 building two, 4 floor, there is a place, the ground was covered with pieces of glass and plastic steel window. On the side of the road on, hanging by the towels and towel the blast blown from upstairs. Most of the residents gathered outside the guard line on the back of the building, with a large number of glass fragments and window frames on the inside. The explosion room is located on the 2 unit six building. The window frame and glass on the balcony are shattered by the blast wave produced by the explosion, but the damage to the balcony next to it is mainly caused by the fire after the explosion. "At that time, all black smoke, in particular, from far away." A resident said. On video on the scene after the explosion of the residents, there is a clear sight of smoke coming out of the window, accompanied by bright fire. The woman was blown out of the 6 floor and died in a dark red bloodstain down the floor. "The woman fell down here and was fry from the upstairs." One dweller said regretfully. "My car stopped downstairs, and when I came out, I saw all the fallen pieces on the car’s clothes, and the cars were pits." The building tenants Ms. Qi said, "I see the downstairs has a group was kind of thing, I found that a woman, blood all over the face of the body, on the spot." "I was about to open the window, and I heard the explosion, and then a person dropped out of the window. Who could think of it!" A household in unit 2 said. Some residents said that when the woman was bombed out of the building, she wore only pajamas and underwear, and after the incident, residents covered her body with quilts. After the multi department joint emergency rescue received the alarm, the fire officers and the police arrived at the scene for the first time. Changchun city police fire brigade brigade Lvyuan crescent squadron officers and soldiers took about an hour to fire completely extinguished, no more affected households. After the incident, the circuit of the five and six floors of the unit was seriously damaged. For safety reasons, the power supply company staff cut off the power of the whole building, and the Gas Co’s repair personnel rushed to the scene to check the natural gas pipeline, so as to avoid any other hazards. 11 noon, the owner found two workers to clean up the broken windows, broken glass to prevent falling injuries. The community staff registered one one of the damaged households in the explosion. The woman suspected suicide of opening natural gas. In the interview, many people said that the woman was more than 30 years old, who was living in the renting house. She was a nurse in a nearby hospital. "She and a man renting here, we are not very familiar with her, do not know whether it is a relationship between men and women or husband and wife." The residents said, "we heard that they had a very heated argument yesterday. Yesterday, her family also advised her." at that time, I didn’t expect such a tragedy. At this point, the woman’s family came to the scene, his grief. According to the insider, the woman suspected of opening natural gas to suicide, the police have been involved in the investigation.

女子清晨被从6楼炸出身亡 多位居民以为是地震(图) 网友“长春-小风”发布的爆炸现场图   新文化讯(记者 邢阳) 18日早6点40分,位于长春市万有街与乐园路交会处一6层住宅楼6楼一居民家中突然传来剧烈的爆炸声,一名女子被炸出窗外,不幸身亡。   多位居民以为是地震   市民王先生家住在事发地点附近,6点半左右,在万有街与乐园路交会处的十字路口发生了一起交通事故。“我正在旁边看那起车祸,突然就听到身后传来轰隆一声巨响。”王先生吓得一缩头,回头看去,玻璃碎片从6楼飞下,窗口还冒出了烟。   “我以为是地震了,吓得赶紧抱起孩子跑了出去,玻璃碎片噼里啪啦地往下掉,太吓人了。”一楼一名女子心有余悸地说。   距事发地约30米远的一家小卖店老板称,爆炸产生的震动把他家卧室灯管都震掉了。   多户居民家窗户受损   上午9点,事发现场已经看不到烟火,警戒线仍未解除,该楼居民基本都在室外躲避,该楼前方,能看到6楼3处窗户受损,5楼有两处,4楼有一处,地面上满是玻璃碎片和塑钢窗框。在路旁的大柳树上,还挂着从楼上被爆炸产生的气流吹出的浴巾和毛巾。   大多数居民都聚集在楼体背面的警戒线外,内侧同样有大量的玻璃碎片和窗框。发生爆炸的房间位于2单元六楼,其阳台上的窗框、玻璃完全被爆炸产生的冲击波炸碎,但其旁边的阳台受损主要是由爆炸后产生的火灾造成的。“当时全都是黑烟,特别大,飘出老远了。”一居民说。   在居民提供的爆炸发生后的现场视频上,能明显看到浓烟从窗口冒出,还伴有明火。   女子被从6楼炸出 不幸身亡   在楼下有一摊暗红色的血迹。“那个女子就落在这,从楼上被炸出来的。”一名居民惋惜地说。   “我家的车就停在楼下,我跑出来时看到车衣上全都是掉下的碎片,车都被砸出了很多坑。”该楼住户祁女士说,“我看楼下有一团被子样的东西,仔细看才发现是个女人,脸上身上都是血,当场就不行了。”   “我正要开窗户呢,就听到爆炸声了,紧接着一个人影就从窗口掉了下去,谁能想到出这事啊!”2单元的一名住户说。有居民称,女子被炸出楼时,身上只穿了睡衣和内衣,事发后有居民用被子将她的遗体覆盖住。   多部门联合抢险   接到报警后,消防官兵、民警第一时间赶到现场。长春市公安消防支队绿园区大队新月中队的官兵们用了大概一个小时将火彻底扑灭,没有殃及更多住户。   事发后,因该单元五楼、六楼电路严重受损,为了安全起见,供电公司工作人员切断了全楼的电源,燃气公司的抢修人员也赶到现场,对天然气管线进行检查,以免发生其他危险。   中午11点,房主找来两名工人清理破损的窗户,以防碎玻璃坠落伤人。   社区工作人员对在爆炸中受损的住户一一进行了登记。   女子疑似打开天然气自杀   在采访中,多名群众称,该女子30多岁,是在此租房居住,是附近一家医院的护士。   “她和一名男子在这租房住,我们和她不是很熟,不知道是男女朋友关系还是夫妻关系。”有居民说,“我们听说昨天他们发生了很激烈的争吵,昨天她家人还来劝过她,当时好了,没想到竟然出了这样的悲剧。”   下午一点多,女子的家人来到现场,神情悲恸。   据知情人介绍,该女子疑似打开天然气自杀,警方已经介入调查。相关的主题文章: