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The United States of Yellowstone National Park, Planet X: in the "pocket wilderness" – Sohu tourism "National Park" this concept originated in the United States, has been hailed as one of the greatest ideas in the nation’s history. In this concept, Yellowstone National Park, once the Indian holy land, the world’s first protected National Park has become a good place for people to explore the hearts of. In this issue, we went into the wilderness in the pocket – Yellowstone National Park. > > the scenery in front of the shock of everyone, who did not open. As Folsom (Folsom) team member Charles · Cook (Charles Cook) in early 1869 on this record, all the members of the expedition all eyes staring at 32 kilometers long and 350 meters deep canyon: Green falls from the peak rush down, issued a "shower" underwater, behind is purple, purple and the yellow mountain. Cook and players in awe of silence — this is not fiction, the power of the United States has been very strong, almost all of the land territory have been explored, so the foreigner can be preserved is a miracle. > > Wyoming with large tracts of land, but the population is very scarce, the plateau exudes a breath of depression. But just for a moment, it has been surrounded by valleys and forests. In the afternoon sun, here looks like movie scenes, the epic scene is reminiscent of the screen in the American hero, both John · Wayne (John Wayne) or Bambi (Bambi). Here is the world’s first National Park, in 1872 the United States enacted a bill, based on the protection of the interests of all mankind and the well-being of the faith, the Yellowstone National Park area is not allowed to live, occupation or trading. > > Huangshi Lake Hotel (The Lake Yellowstone Hotel) in the moonlight overlooking the vast quiet river, separated by some distance, the East Bank of the river flashing wood burning fire. This hotel was built in 1891, now still retains its white porch, iron bedstead and concise style sheets, there is no TV and air conditioning, and the former from upper class passengers the elegant atmosphere, also seems to be condensed in the singular space. "Nostalgic atmosphere fascinating, many people come to think of the United States has not yet developed their experience of early travelers. Indeed, today’s travel situation is not far from the early years." A uniformed receptionist said. > > in the years before the opening of the railway, remote geographical location makes the arrival of the Yellowstone National Park itself is a challenge. However, when people see the unique landscape of the park, all the hard work will be rewarded. The establishment of Yellowstone National Park is aimed at preventing excessive exploitation of minerals, as well as Niagara Falls is now facing the problem of excessive human destruction. "New York Times" in 1872 will be described as "from these wonders)相关的主题文章: