The typhoon swept across Xiamen, Xiamen summer to find it! Sohu –

The typhoon swept across Xiamen, Xiamen "summer" to find it! Sohu maternal and child 2016.9.15, if you are not in Xiamen, do not know what the people of Xiamen experienced. Even in the face of this year’s world’s most violent 17 winds, still adhere to the country’s unwavering mission, not the slightest shake. The annual best quality billboard power, water supply, broken network… Xiamen people have no compassion, they still maintained a hot concept of mind. Have you seen the Xiamen is like yesterday after Xiamen is half a year later that you may not see the beautiful Xiamen, in the face of moranti damage, surviving Xiamen refuses to accept the hand piece, opt out, come to fight. Want to see the 17 winds more, look at this little crooked body you understand, blew my pride indulgence. Our Mingfa goddess, usually said to be low-key, it hurt each other….. Hahahaha, ask the owner of worship is where the gods? Have not seen the sow on the tree, only to see the sofa fly tree. Students, Xiamen’s "summer" in this, as soon as possible to claim. Cut so fast, I’ll give you a capital suit. The typhoon is what is the hatred for hatred and what the owner, one shot. No glass no pulp, love the Lord, quickly contact the insurance company to report it? The private car to experience a cabriolet treatment, this is the logo, this look familiar to watch, is Mazda’s relatives. Xiaolifeidao comeback. Feel the breeze 360 hassle touched PP’s pleasure. I am devil, asked you afraid, afraid of? The island off the island of the family, but fortunately did not pick up this sign in an alien. A closed eyes without a glass, opened a closed balcony to fly. You smile happy, in fact, the typhoon moved to make a lot of things too much, long time no see the water pail street scenes, even water, we still have the order queue. Passers by spontaneous and police together with the passage of the branches to ease road traffic. 9.15 the 12 baby is not afraid of the impact of the typhoon, were born, to the dark days of point light. Even if the operation room power, outside the wind and rain outside the building, the medical staff also stick to their posts, under the emergency light for patients to do surgery. Let us realize that before the happiness is not in the know, know how to cherish the small fortune. After the disaster you I have become refugees, I wish to make their own modest to help the people around. After the disaster in Xiamen no chaos, no looting, still running according to its original rhythm, warm things, warm people are staged every day, alternating. Although Xiamen has been "destroyed", can it become more devastated under相关的主题文章: