The two Sino Russian border river in Heilongjiang Wusuli River fishing line into Heilongjiang, peopl-coinwatch

The two Sino Russian border river in Heilongjiang Wusuli River fishing line into Heilongjiang, Channel original title: Russia two Jiejiang Wusuli River across Heilongjiang from October 1st to October 20th into the closed season, I Heilongjiang, Wusuli River borders across the board into the 20 days of "autumn fishing", in the city of Hulin, Fuyuan county famous fish producing areas, Heilongjiang Frontier Corps stationed in the two major river along the Jixi, Jiamusi along the detachment of soldiers organized anti equilateral thousands of fishing boats, nets, ship machine separation up anchor ashore, stop fishing ban and accept the security check before the fishing season. A measure of the Sino Russian border river fishing system is China and Russia for the protection and recovery of fishery resources Jiejiang taken. China and Russia, the annual spawning period, Heilongjiang, Wusuli River fishing, river waters for a period of 55 days, respectively, from June 11th to July 15th and from October 1st to October 20th, fishing fishing fall fishing. In order to prevent the occurrence of illegal operations, the Frontier Corps organization both along the border river, Jixi Jiamusi equilateral anti detachment of soldiers in "fishing" on the eve of the border river to carry out a joint special clean-up operations, patrol boats dispatched hundreds of ships, and the organization of officers and soldiers to establish "Beach police station" in the operation of beach months stationed by radio and television panels leaflets increase publicity and education of fishermen, the fishermen and fishing "sign zerenzhuang" to crack down on illegal fishing. During the fishing period, the Corps also organized boat brigade in the border related departments to carry out special inventory border river cruise operations, and resolutely ban illegal fishing activities in any form, and the organization of the border police station joint industry and commerce, fishery and other departments to increase efforts to control the sales, sales of wild river fish owners will be in accordance with the relevant regulations punishment. (Xiao Jinbiao Zhou Yuliang Wang Yu) (commissioning editor Han Tingpeng and Ding Yang)

中俄两大界江黑龙江乌苏里江全线进入禁渔期–黑龙江频道–人民网 原标题:中俄两大界江黑龙江乌苏里江全线进入禁渔期 10月1日至10月20日,我国界江黑龙江、乌苏里江全线进入为期20天的“秋季禁渔期”,在虎林市、抚远县等名优鱼类主产区,黑龙江边防总队驻守在两大界江沿线的鸡西、佳木斯等边防支队官兵组织沿江近千艘渔船船机分离、收拢网具、抛锚上岸,停止捕捞并接受禁渔期前的安全检查。 中俄界江禁渔制度就是中俄两国为保护和恢复界江渔业资源采取的一项措施。中俄两国规定,每年鱼类产卵期,黑龙江、乌苏里江实施禁渔,干流水域为期55天,分别为6月11日至7月15日的伏季禁渔期和10月1日至10月20日的秋季禁渔期。 为防止违规作业情况发生,黑龙江边防总队组织两大界江沿线鸡西、佳木斯等边防支队官兵在“禁渔期”前夕对界江开展了联合专项清理行动,出动巡逻船艇上百艘次,并组织官兵在各作业滩地建立“滩地警务室”进行蹲点驻守,通过广播电视、展板传单加大对渔民的宣传教育,与全体渔民签署了《禁渔期严厉打击非法捕鱼责任状》。 在禁渔期内,该总队还组织船艇大队会同各涉边部门开展界江专项清查巡航行动,坚决取缔任何形式的违法捕捞活动,同时组织各边防派出所联合工商、渔政等部门加大对销售环节的监控力度,对销售野生江鱼的业主将根据有关条例进行处罚。(肖劲彪 周毓亮 王宇) (责编:韩婷澎、丁洋)相关的主题文章: