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The property market blowout or divorce as catalyst and its queuing buy real estate stocks sina finance App: since the live on-line blogger on a guide to expert Jiepan election Niugu shares Lin tournament Washington this year, first-tier cities housing prices generally rose sharply, but only in the last few days, this crazy situation are beyond the imagination of people. According to the Shanghai real estate trading center data show that as of yesterday afternoon, Shanghai 3 sets of new home transactions, more than 1000 consecutive days of 1066 sets. Due to the hot trading, Shanghai real estate trading center system 28 (Sunday) at about 10 points paralyzed. With a variety of regulatory rumors continue to be enlarged, Shanghai divorce also entered the White House with the time of the sprint sprint sprint stage, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee to respond in an emergency: no study of such policies. Netizens exclaimed, from the white wedding! Analysts believe that the current price climax in the first tier cities continue to drive the real estate sector may become active. However, investors need to pay attention to the housing, the property market may be accelerated in the top, and may be super big top! Shanghai hand housing turnover for 3 consecutive days over 1000 sets of trading system paralyzed according to the Shanghai real estate trading center data show that as of 15:50 yesterday, Shanghai houses 1066 sets of transactions, more than 1000 sets of 3 consecutive days. Because the transaction unpopular, Shanghai real estate trading center system of 28 day (Sunday) at around 10 was paralyzed; the last this is March 24th Shanghai issued a new regulation before the day, the day turnover of 1360 sets of Shanghai houses; after the market news that Shanghai will further tighten the building in September. In addition, since this year, the market has been around "the most expensive land scraper, after a variety of stringent control policies, the land market is still" obsessed". In Shenzhen yesterday, the birth of a new price of the most expensive land (001979), China Merchants Shekou and OCT consortium to total 31 billion yuan looks Shenzhen new exhibition center (a) supporting the commercial land, a total construction area of 1 million 543 thousand and 300 square meters. In one fell swoop 6 years ago, Guangzhou, Asian Sports Village to maintain the national record of the total price of the king of 25 billion 500 million. It is reported that the tender of Huarun, Oct, China Merchants Shekou, CITIC, poly, Vanke A total of 6 companies received the invitation of the government, to participate in the bidding of Huarun, China Merchants OCT consortium, Vanke and poly. Shanghai Construction Committee housing divorce case blowout emergency response to eliminate doubts with various regulatory rumors continue to be enlarged, Shanghai divorce house also entered the white hot race against time volume sprint. On Monday, the online circulating a piece: "the number of divorce cases in Shanghai housing increased, handling capacity of the region can realize the morning afternoon divorce to buy a house, the weak processing ability are likely to limit the number of divorce every day, Monday or Friday to be completed". In this regard, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee to respond to an emergency: the recent rise in the city’s real estate market trading volume, but the normal trading order, the overall remained stable. On the recent rumors about the purchase of new housing policy, the Municipal Construction Committee made it clear that there is no study of such policies, will continue to strictly implement the March 25th release of the "on further相关的主题文章: