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The old street network transmission " " to grab the child; the truth: old baby – drunken mistake Beijing Beijing morning news site news (reporter Zhang Jingya) yesterday, the netizen posting said, happened to grab the child event in the Financial Street shopping center, many netizens expressed concern and forwarding. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter visited found that the original "grab the child" is the two man mistaken for his grandson, on the spot will be returned to the parents of children. "At the mall in Financial Street this evening, the children were robbed, and several old people openly robbed other people’s children. The movement is very large, tibet. After being surrounded by the crowd, the police asked the question, said pink old eyes, the child is to admit their own children, that children abducted." Yesterday, users posted in the post micro-blog, many users forwarded comments. Beijing Morning Post reporter visited found that the location of the incident in the shopping center on the first floor. The incident near a shoe store clerk told reporters, when several elderly people go shopping, see a couple holding a child walked, suddenly rushed over, the children of a gun over. "A few elderly people should drink, covered in alcohol. They held the child and said, ‘where did you steal the kids?’. One of the old man said that the child is his grandson, the child’s parents are very Meng, we hastened to help the police." Mall security, said the police rushed to the scene, confirmed that the old man robbed children from the couple, and the child was returned to the couple on the spot. Reporters learned that, then the police brought back to the police station criticized the old education. Clue: Mr. Chen相关的主题文章: