The old man broke the wall hidden savings of 3 years 70 thousand cash money into bad slag (Figure)

The old man broke the wall hidden savings of 3 years 70 thousand cash money into bad slag (Figure) original title: 3 years old man digging walls hidden savings of 70 thousand cash rotten "money" slag (Figure) faces out to dry. Carefully put together. At 4:30 on October 28th, Guizhou branch of Bank of Anshun, an old man came in with a pocket. The old man looked a little nervous. He pulled the bank staff to a piece of open space, and then took out a large sum of money from his pocket to the bank staff asked: "you do not change here?" Change." Bank staff replied. It is not surprising that, when it will be taken out of the money, the money has all moldy rot. The money was his life savings. Life savings into the dark walls of Gerry Zhang Liang (a pseudonym) 70 years old this year, who lives in a village in Anshun development zone. He is a farmer, usually very economical. Zhang Liang told the bank staff, 3 years ago, he will save his life, are stored in the walls of the house, and later never moved. At first, when he saved his money, he wrapped it in a newspaper and put a plastic bag outside. He claimed that the money reached more than 7 yuan, but the specific amount is how much he can not remember. It is understood that the hidden in the wall, the ground distance of about 20 cm, Zhang Liang is cut, the exterior and furniture for occlusion. No one knew that Zhang had hidden the money, including his children and his wife. Recently, Zhang Liang due to the urgent need to spend money. Then, he took advantage of a moment when there is no one in the house, will be placed in the dark box all the money taken out. However, he is surprised that all the money has been changed. After 3 years of cash has become "money slag" Zhang Liang feel quite sad, the money has become canbi. In October 31st, the reporter saw the remains in the Guizhou bank Anshun branch. They are all hundred dollar bills, has been fully bonded together, is a lump lump, and some have been broke into fragments and powder. Zhang Liang analysis, his home is often leaking situation, may be leaking into the dark room of the house, it caused a loss of coins. Guizhou bank Anshun branch staff Wang Meng recalls, at that time, the old man will bring money to the bank, when the plastic bag is opened, a pungent musty from plastic bags came, according to experience, the money has at least one year or more damp. "The first time I saw this." Wang Meng said, previously, they also encountered a lot of people come to exchange canbi, but the amount is small, and the extent of the damage is not. The bank work stitching and strive to minimize the loss according to the Bank of Guizhou Anshun branch president Yuan Yongsong introduced, they received the old man for help, attaches great importance to work overtime for the elderly by stitching immediately. On the evening of October 28th, the bank 8 staff working together to work together, are still unable to complete splicing. In October 31st, they will continue to work overtime splicing. "Very difficult!" Yuan Yongsong said that the money is very rotten rotten, it is quite difficult to splice, however, in order to the loss of the elderly Yan相关的主题文章: