The number of mainland tourists to Taiwan negative growth industry intends to protest as new network zuczug

The number of mainland tourists to Taiwan negative growth industry intends to protest the omission – Beijing News Agency in Taipei in August 26, Taiwan media reported 26, according to Taiwan Bureau of statistics, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan showed a continuous downward trend, this year 1 to July year-on-year growth of only 0.41%, the beginning of August, the year of negative growth state. Taiwan tourism industry composed of millions of tourism industry self-help will be on the streets in September 12th to protest against the Taiwan authorities. "Wang Taiwan daily" reported that the Taiwan Tourism Bureau "in 2015 to Taiwan tourists consumption and trends survey, mainland tourists to Taiwan from the beginning of May this year appeared monthly negative growth in July, representing a decrease of approximately 53 thousand people, for a single month this year decreased most. Although the first 4 months of this year to the number of growth, but will increase to 5 in July fell down from the highest in March 12.73%, fell to 0.41% in July. The tourism bureau pointed out that last year, mainland tourists in Taiwan, the average daily consumption of $227.58, this estimate, if every mainland tourists travel to Taiwan for 8 days, this year 5 to July to reduce the 135 thousand mainland tourists, Taiwan is reduced to about 7 billion 380 million yuan (NT, the same below) tourism revenue. In addition, from both sides of the flight can be seen in the trend of land passenger crash, July passenger flights across the Taiwan Strait compared with the same period last year decreased by 4.57%, the lowest for the past 38 months. Movements over the same period last year decreased by 4.11%, is from July 2008 opening of mainland tourists to Taiwan tourism for the first time after 4 consecutive months of decline. The airline said in September in Taiyuan, Nanning, Lanzhou, Ningbo and other city cut classes, and even some flights have been decided from October to March next year grounded. Taiwan’s "commercial times" pointed out that the number of mainland tourists travel to Taiwan and less, has a serious impact on the tourism industry, the Taiwan authorities has not put forward complete strategies and supporting scheme to save the tide, Taiwan Hotel, hot spring tour, theme park, night market 13 industry associations have formed a "million tourism industry self will, right of way and put forward a formal application to the relevant units, will be officially took to the streets to protest in September 12th. It is reported that the Taiwan tourism industry launched the first large-scale protest activities, sightseeing tourism industry at present is estimated, then at least 20 thousand employees of related industries will rally in the parade. The tour guild claimed will launch 1000 tour bus to the scene to protest. Industry said that the main reason for the large protests launched in mainland tourists, the key limiting the tourism industry to maintain the livelihood of the industry, although many petitions, but has been unable to meet the market back to temperature. Coupled with the recent market bounced (refer to check or unfulfilled promises) of success, so "the cover of pressure cooker pressure not to live", the industry decided to walk the streets. A number of public representatives of the association, said that the Taiwan authorities have started to explore the market in ASEAN countries and Muslims, but huanbujiji, While the grass grows the horse starves. A number of mainland tourists to Taiwan the reception Travel Agency said that at this time last year, apply to the mainland tourists about 18 thousand people to 20 thousand people, now only five, six thousand people, gloomy. There are tour buses and the park industry stressed that相关的主题文章: