The new Audi A6L create extraordinary, should see the future-ghost observer

The new Audi A6L "create extraordinary, should see the future" create extraordinary, should see the future, the new Audi A6L glory upgrade, morning peak district car Audi cross hui"! In Guangdong radio and television, Music FM hosted by stars to help out, thousands of car group to witness the new upgrade car, parent-child interactive projects, cross district exchange, car assembly simulation experience, the diversification of Car Buying platform, you dare to · I’ll send, million surprise courtesy, Huimin feedback, look forward to your participation; us 28360999 morning peak Audi. The new Audi 17 A6L, inherits the classic interpretation of youth and fashion, a new definition of the luxury car business; the most intelligent, the most safe and enjoyable driving experience, and humanized configuration for the most noble driving pleasure, configuration upgrade, double personality. I fly blue body, personalized needs. 8 models, intelligent mobile phone interface, convenient vehicle, interactive experience to optimize the allocation of functional upgrading.   theme: new Audi A6L "create extraordinary, should see the future" activity name: morning peak district Audi cross-border car Hui activity time: October 15, 2016 (Saturday) 14:30-18:00               location: Guangzhou morning peak Audi exhibition hall of activities: multiple surprise Hao Li + highlights + manual models DIY + Cross Industry Alliance….           activity policy: a surprise ceremony, met Li "shop" during the event "sign customers will receive an exquisite gift. Interactive ceremony "" stage award interaction, A6L new car knowledge quiz, participate in prizes. The car "lottery" "where the Car Buying, may participate in the lottery, winning all the original gift! Grand prize: $5800     V-KOOL explosion-proof membrane of 1 sets of       1 first prize: $2360     Audi bicycle 1           3; two prize: $1750   1   Audi box       5 third-prize: the value of 1080 yuan     gold wealth 1 bottles of       8 lucky prize: $280       1 emergency kit;       10 Li" "" grab a single day before the 5 predetermined Audi models customers can receive an additional original Audi hold by 1.   two, Huimin policy sales, "down payment as low as 30 thousand and 3: exclusive car finance, Audi easy loan home. "After sales" 1, you;相关的主题文章: