The network media go turn change a TV series with Tibetan Village Road to Beijing Road – in

The network media go turn change: a TV series with Tibetan village to get rich – reporter zhongxinwangzhongxinwang, photographed by Lv Chunrong " src=" 20160914; 201691481229.jpg" style=" border:px solid #000000" title=" map Cecil village. In new network reporter Lv Chunrong photo " > map Cecil village. Lv Chunrong photo Beijing, ABA 14, September (Lv Chunrong) the power of knowledge is much, located deep in the mountains of Sichuan province ABA zhuokeji town village can give the best answer about cecil. For a Mao Dun prize in literature works "dust settled" in the village location and shoot Cecil, television, let the Tibetan village into the hearts of many home, also let more and more people to the roots, this also with the fire of the local tourism industry. "The local Tibetans living in change, getting better and better." The day before, "long road to well-off society" network media "go turn change" the delegation visited Cecil village, this is a local reporter repeatedly visited the old heartfelt emotion. In his view, now, Cecil village road more and more wide, more and more new houses, utilities and other infrastructure is more and more perfect, the local tourism development is a new stage. As the most famous Cecil village attractions, is also a television drama "dust settled" mainly filmed in recent years, zhuokeji GuanZhai tourists increased dramatically, which is a microcosm of the local tourism development. According to zhuokeji town tourism guide Yan Muchu full-time collapse, since the TV series "dust settled" in 2003 after sowing, zhuokeji GuanZhai have high popularity, with its unique cultural atmosphere has attracted many tourists come to visit. Now, in the tourist season, every entry zhuokeji town with thousands of people, among them, there are buying into the village to visit hundreds of people, many tourists choose to the rest of the village where the GuanZhai sizzles tour, effectively promote the local economy. Pictured zhuokeji guanzhai. Photo by Lv Chunrong village Wang Suzhen sizzles benefit from the development of local tourism. Today, the 55 year old Wang Suzhen on the side of zhuokeji Secretary Zhai soil when the cleaner, with thousands of yuan of wages each month, while also running a small hotel in the home, do travel business. According to Wang Suzhen introduction, these years, her family life has changed, utilities and other infrastructure more perfect, the income is also increasing, especially in the tourist season, the family income can reach thousands of yuan. In Wang Suzhen seems, compared with the old people’s lives, their lives a lot of times, the better and better with the dust settled, but also with the local tourism development policy. The Cecil village, like Wang Suzhen and a lot of business travel business households. It is understood that the current total of 108 Cecil village 370 villagers, including six, seventy villagers specialize in the travel business, open hotel, Tibetan meal, selling products, the villagers have to join the tourism industry. For the village tourists) Cecil相关的主题文章: