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The national day of Shanghai to some popular area trips have been sold out – Sohu (news surging News) learned from the railway sector, as of September 22nd, September 30th and the day of departure from Shanghai more popular direction of the train ticket has been sold out; from the current to two days before the national day, Shanghai to the main city the ticket is almost full price, October 3rd is part of the discount off. According to a ticket sales platform data show that this year, eleven one-way ticket prices fell slightly last year. In September 22nd, surging news reporter query railway 12306 sites found, September 30th, two days in October 1st, Shanghai to Chongqing, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Wuhan, Nanchang, Fuzhou, Changsha, Hefei, Shijiazhuang, Shenyang, Harbin and other places, Changchun EMU high-speed rail tickets almost sold out, only a few part of a train ticket. The National Day travel peak has become the norm, not to buy the tickets of passengers can still choose to travel peak in October 2nd or later, "the ShangHai Railway Station, a staff member said that since October 2nd the basic ticket, do not rule out the possibility to open the train will be part of the direction, passengers can also pay attention to the railway announcement." Railway sector revealed that Zheng Xugao iron opened in September 10th, a lot of EMU trains to adjust the pre-sale time, the original 60 days pre-sale period shortened to more than and 20 days. September 5th, part of the line to resume the sale of pre-sale tickets within 60 days, the National Day holiday ticket is also included. Many lines in the past more than and 10 days, quickly sold out of tickets during the National Day. September 22nd, surging news reporter learned from several major online travel platform, from now until October 2nd, the majority of Shanghai’s departure to the major cities of the national day tickets have risen to full price. October 3rd onwards, only part of the votes of more than 15% off, if the short distance travelers, may wish to choose the second half of the National Day travel. During the National Day in 2016, both domestic and international routes, one way ticket last year the average price is cheaper, the average price of 897 yuan one-way flights on international routes, 1889 yuan, year-on-year cheap 25 yuan and 51.5 yuan. The two or three line of the city opened a new route to make the competition more intense airlines, fares are gradually declining in the competition." Where network ticketing industry analysis, only the two quarter of this year, the new airline routes, domestic airlines in the route of the line of the city accounted for up to 63% of the proportion of foreign airlines are also up to $61%.相关的主题文章: