The most exciting thing lead a person to endless aftertastes banzhang Pu’er Tea strong wild spirit – seaway

The most exciting thing lead a person to endless aftertastes banzhang Pu’er Tea strong wild spirit – Sohu map: South Beauty Food and drink tea tea trees no front Yunnan seeking tea day, people happiness and sadness. How many days and nights, are looking forward to be able to go to the class chapter asked tea, often missed missed. As a result, more of a look forward to, it will be what kind of a meeting? In the spring of 2013, starting from Menghai to class Zhang, after he opened the mountain road is being renovated, so had to detour. Via wide, around the Mengla reservoir surrounded by a circle, reached a fork in the road signs, the instructions on the side of the old class road, the other side of the old man, pointing to the new class E direction. So ask everyone’s opinion, the hearts of the unknown desire, prompting us to choose the latter. Not how far out of the face open over a TOYOTA Prado SUV, drove the big brother regardless of the dust caused the vehicle to roll down the window, open the two Buick business car GL8 we were angry like straight thumbs, we go a few kilometers before the finish out the meaning of. The dirt roads, and the surface down day, business car is almost a step by step to move forward, but then we are unaware of the risks, fearless courage. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees no front finally see in front of the village, people on the car couldn’t help cheering up. Into the stockade met a person, through a range of discrimination, to ask whether this is a new class of. "This is the chapter, not the new chapter." The answer to some stupid, until we know, accidentally hit the class chapter Secretary Li Gang. It is seeking tea to Brown, into the new class. Year after year visit tea Brown hill, now we all say class chapter, rarely mentioned the name of Brown hill. Party secretary Li Gang’s words are still ringing in our ears, quickly and in the past several years. Later we learned that the Zhaizi old class chapter, new class, old man chapter all belong to the class E Chapter village, village is located in the new class. With the hard experience of Brown hill, then think about the heart will be broken. Familiar with the route, there are more choices. One is from the south by the dam is both work card chapter, line through the cement road. The two chapter is to work from the Brown township government after the old man is all through the Mindanao, Tang Shi lu. The three chapter is Guangzhou don’t work the way, is still a headache bumpy dirt road. The four is the Hekai mountain route, only from the state of the old class stockade stockade basin near the new chapter of this class A or dirt road. It is said that belong to Menghun Kai Zhen He Bang basin and stockade, belonging to Brown Shan village class old class stockade, this section of funds between the two village has not been in place, two stockade linked mountains and rivers because of administrative, but belong to different, near but difficult road. Brown Shan village belong to class, from the old class to the new class stockade stockade direction under construction in Tang Shi lu. Along the way, there is a sign, the name of the subject is still a new chapter, showing the inertia of the force is extremely powerful. Map: South beauty teacher Lin Shixing author Ming Tea Trees "front" only "Yunnan mountain tea" more love called "class network相关的主题文章: