The man suspected of medical dispute stabbed a doctor 8 years old daughter-yuanjiao

The man suspected of medical dispute stabbed a doctor 8 years old daughter   Express News (reporter Jiang Zhenjun) the afternoon of November 3rd, Yancheng Hua Garden District with a knife injury case, a 6 year old girl died. Currently suspects have been controlled by the police.     the location of the incident is located in Yancheng City, Hua Jingyuan District, building 28, West unit. Evening 6 am, the modern express reporter on the scene saw, downstairs has pulled up the cordon, the police are on-site investigation. "On the first floor of a family, 6 year old little girl at home was scratched with a knife." According to district residents, the little girl had just returned home from school, the home was only mother and daughter.     according to witnesses said the residents, wounding the man came out when the arm is full of blood, and then call 110 to surrender. Why do men attack? Some residents said the little girl’s father in a hospital in Gansu as a doctor, and the man may have medical disputes. However, this statement has not been confirmed.     yesterday at 8 pm, Yancheng police news release: November 3rd afternoon, China Pavilion Lakes Garden District a girl Chen (born 2010) is a knife injury, was sent to the hospital died. At present, the suspect pan (male, Gansu, born in 1994) has been arrested, the case is under further investigation. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: