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Games Hobbyist web sites are one of the most overlooked opportunities for marketing with articles. Regardless of the hobby, writing articles for hobby web sites is like having a seated audience of readers. Most hobby web site visitors are typically die-hard enthusiasts who frequent their respective hobby sites faithfully. To coin Emerson’s phrase, why not let them step to the music they hear? In other words, write and submit articles that are directed towards their hobbies and pastimes. It is an effective way of establishing yourself as an authority and a way of generating recognition of your expertise. The easiest way to begin this free public relations campaign is to visit hobby web sites. It will be easier if you choose hobbies and/or interests that are similar to your own. You may be surprised to learn that what you do as a profession is actually something that other people do as a hobby. Take writing for instance … while professional writers earn their living writing, other people enjoy it has a hobby. It’s one of the interests people sometimes develop when they retire. Perhaps they simply haven’t had the time while they were working to actually pursue it. Arts and crafts hobbies are areas that offer considerable opportunity for marketing with articles. Maybe you’ve never been very interested in these types of projects, but consider what you know that could be considered valuable information to hobbyists in these areas. Let’s say that you work for a furniture manufacturer. Then you would probably know -glues that work well with fabrics, low-cost types of wood that are durable, how to use elements such as buttons, tassels, etc. to create or enhance a certain look. .puter hobbyists range from those who are interested in software applications to those who thrive on hardware. How can that generate any exposure for you? Let’s say that you work in a small to mid-sized office that has no designated IT professional. When there’s a .puter on the blink or someone’s software isn’t operating right, who do they call? That’s right; you’re the never-paid but in-house .puter guru who always seems to be able to fix the problem. Maximize that valuable knowledge of yours by writing an article about specific software or hardware issue and a solution you’ve used to correct it. What are some of your normal everyday activities that might be considered hobbies? You might even consider them chores, such as lawn work. If you’ve ever literally sweated out the hot summer sun trying to prevent a certain kind of weed from overtaking your lawn and using various options such as planting a different type of grass, experimenting with different weed control solutions, or placing garden stones to thwart its growth, then you’ve got gardening expertise. Bottle that expertise into writing a specific gardening-related article. You can submit it for publication to two different types of hobby web sites – one for vegetable gardening hobbyists and one for flower-gardening hobbyists. Your article will be a valued resource at both sites. If you choose a hobby or interest with which you are involved or are very familiar, you can produce a successful marketing campaign in the form of a free report or e-book. Say for instance that you’re very health-conscious and into physical fitness. Why not write a group of articles about the various exercise programs and/or fitness equipment you’ve used and the results you’ve achieved? Some of the web sites for hobbies and interests to which you could offer your free report or e-book include: muscle-building, dieting or even healthy lifestyles. You may even want to submit a few articles to a consumer-review web site. If you’re a true do-it-yourself type of person, then there are countless ways that you can generate exposure by writing articles for hobby web sites. Maybe you’ve always had a knack for putting together model airplanes or working with wood. Gain exposure by writing a how-to article on the quickest way to assemble a model airplane or how to build a decorative shelf. Whatever it is that you do that you can explain in a step-by-step process to readers who share the same interest will generate recognition for you. Your ideas don’t have to be .plex, in fact, the simpler the better so that the average reader can understand what you’re saying and can truly benefit from your article. The sky is the literal limit to the exposure you can gain from writing articles for a hobby-related web site as long as it’s information that is useful to hobbyists of that particular interest. Remember, an article is not a sell sheet that only promotes you; its purpose is to distinguish you as an authority on the subject about which your article is written. Make sure though to include a resource box for each article you submit for publication. It should be a 4-line byline with your name, e-mail address, phone number and web site URL. Also make sure that you have your article proofread and/or edited by someone other than you to ensure that there are no grammatical or copy errors. If your article provides valuable information to particular web site visitors, they will always remember your name and will look for your work. They will also be glad to share your name with others who are in that particular hobby. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: