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The game is hard to change the pattern of fund optimistic about PPP and the reform of state-owned enterprises and other hot main column of capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Yesterday, the market shocks finishing. Shrinkage shock, capital allocation is still behind the logic of partial defense, partial value idea. Some fund managers said that under the weak market stock focus on good performance, good quality, reasonable valuation of the investment targets, to capture the uncertainty stocks investment opportunities. The game is hard to change the pattern of the market trend, some fund managers said that the slowdown in the economy, the interest rate easing the background, the market to maintain a high probability of the shock pattern. Although the overall market liquidity environment is loose, but the characteristics of the structure of the game will continue. Recent news reports from listed companies, most of the stocks of the subject matter is difficult to have performance as a support. Some of the results of a large drop or even loss of stocks, but strong in the weak market. A fund manager said that the rise is mainly due to the short-term capital game, stock investors not on stocks no performance support. Zhou Zhichao Bo excellent hybrid fund managers believe that the structural characteristics of game market is very obvious. He said that although the A-share market has experienced several rounds of baptism, but most of the stock valuation is still at a high level, the lack of investment value A. He pointed to the "three low and one high" as the basic principle of the stock, is undervalued, low market capitalization, low price and high expected difference. In the stock market as the characteristics of the game in the first choice of high certainty, good texture of the subject. At present, the market is still 3000 points platform shock, the industry generally worried about the overall market valuation is not yet in the end. In this regard, the financing of the fund investment director said: "the tiger’s A stock market rebound is not reversed. Next to focus on the layout of high certainty theme." Review of the market trend this year, the better the sector and stocks are the most common feature is strong. Such uncertainties include: industry inflection point (such as the liquor industry), performance growth (non high growth but determine growth, such as home appliances industry), product scarcity (such as the gold industry), etc.. Among them, the policy support to determine the probability of a larger industry, such as the new energy automotive industry. Yang Delong, chief economist at the Qianhai open source Fund believes that the probability of a larger upward outlook. "Just in the consolidation is a time variable brewing. Now the market is in the catalyst, the market appears to change the disk." In the news, he believes that the current market is vacuum, the Shenzhen Tong is expected to have landed, so to have broken out of a good will. He said that the current A shares fell sharply conditions do not have, do not have to worry about the Federal Reserve will share the recent interest rate hike. Concerned about the state-owned enterprise reform A share market showing a pattern of shocks, more presents structural opportunities. The idea that, by October, the market style wheels faster, relatively optimistic about PPP, SOE reform and other mainline. Shang Xiaohu believes that the reform of state-owned enterprises or become the next favored deterministic assets". His analysis, from the perspective of logic,.相关的主题文章: