The further development of Beijing, Tianjin and dislocation will create a cross regional industrial -masa-c

The development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei dislocation will create further deployment of inter regional industrial innovation alliance, Beijing reporter recently learned, Tianjin, Hebei is approved by the State Council on the day before the test scheme of comprehensive innovation to promote the reform of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei system for further deployment. The future will give full play to the radiation Beijing National Science and technology innovation center of the leading role, relying on the Zhongguancun (8.390,   0.01,   0.12%), Beijing City, the expansion of open services integrated pilot, Tianjin Innovation Demonstration Zone, Tianjin free trade zone and the development of stone and the National hi tech Industrial Development Zone and state-level economic and Technological Development Zone Gallery the basis and policy, the formation of a group can be copied, can be extended to the experience. Three of Tianjin will further promote the integration of innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain, chain policy depth, establish and perfect the regional innovation system, promote the formation of Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative innovation community, create new economic development with the support of Chinese. On this basis, Tianjin will establish inter regional industrial innovation alliance, the establishment of Sharing Alliance of large equipment, large equipment to develop public welfare and market-oriented combination of sharing rules, form a network service platform stable service Tianjin development, and the establishment of the technical trade association of Beijing Tianjin hebei. In this regard, the national development and Reform Commission, deputy director of the center for planning and development of small cities and towns, said Wen Hui, innovation will become the most important in the overall development of Beijing, tianjin. Indeed, the day before the release of the "on the implementation of regional development strategy to promote the coordinated development of regional guidance" has clearly pointed out that the construction of Beijing Tianjin Hebei in the capital as the core to build a world-class city group, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative innovation community, leading the Bohai rim and the development of the northern hinterland. It is reported that, in order to better enhance the bearing capacity of the transformation of science and technology, Hebei will consider the location, transportation, industrial innovation and other basic conditions, the construction of Beijing non capital function and ease of centralized load to increase, the major national science and technology infrastructure, the construction of a metro passenger. At the same time, will focus on the Baiyangdian science and Technology City, Guan hi tech Development Zone, Yizhuang, the construction of scientific and technological achievements into the National Experimental Zone South of beijing. On this basis, Hebei will build technology trading, incubation transformation, public services, public space four platforms. To build a special zone of personnel, the special zone of the system, the special zone of the capital, the wisdom of the SAR, the SAR’s five special service zones, sharing and sharing of scientific and technological achievements to create a platform for transformation. It is worth mentioning that the future three of Tianjin will also establish a unified tax service platform based on Internet, the ability to achieve mutual recognition, mutual aid, collection of information exchange and other three joint management and service. At the same time to promote the Beijing, Tianjin and three corporate credit information database docking, establish and improve the dynamic evaluation of corporate credit, trustworthy incentives and dishonesty disciplinary mechanism to further improve the social credit system information sharing. In addition, the establishment of Beijing, Tianjin and three Standardization Alliance, research and development of Beijing, Tianjin and related professional standards system, simplify the standard project approval process, shorten the standard development cycle. At the same time, accelerate the development of multi-level capital market, providing funds for enterprise innovation. In fact, three to promote the reform of the overall reform of Beijing, Tianjin landing has been action. The day before, the scale of 100 billion yuan of the Beijing Tianjin Hebei Development Zone Industrial Development Fund established in Caofeidian, will focus on the future.相关的主题文章: