The first view of the driver uses GoPro time-lapse photography to record the change of seasons

Run GoPro delay GoPro delay a photographic record of the seasons throughout a cold autumn rain with the first perspective, this morning the wind you should have felt. At the end of September and early October, it can be said that Beijing has officially entered the autumn. In order to commemorate the day of farewell shorts, run Jeff GoPro filmed a time-lapse photography recording seasons. Jeff tied GoPro to his head and then decided to run through the spring, summer, autumn and winter on a 5 mile long road. The use of time-lapse photography mode, then the different seasons of the clip together. Therefore, the final presentation of the video will give people an illusion, as if Jeff in a way to go through the four seasons. This three and a half minutes of video, was born in the material of the 98366, for which Jeff ran for 159.5 miles. His two GoPro contributed to the 714GB photos and 55GB videos, from which to select a stable lens spent Jeff83 hours. In addition to the fun brought about by time-lapse photography, the first quarter of the transformation of the view is also rare video enjoy. Although we see only a few minutes, but behind this are Jeff running, adhere to hard and feeling for the recording of the four seasons of life. So, after watching the video every day you insist on what? No matter how small it is, to record, until one day grow into towering trees.    相关的主题文章: