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The first manual Yao Zhen Chery Tiggo 7 Car Buying manual – Sohu Sohu [car new car]2016 in September 20th, Chery’s new compact SUV — Tiggo 7 officially listed. The new car launched two kinds of power, a total of 9 models, the price range of 9.79-15.39 million. As Chery Tiggo 7 2 times the first SUV model, based on T1X platform to build, enhance the quality of the vehicle at the same time, pay attention to product upgrading. The appearance of the bold use of Chery TX concept car design concept, so that the appearance and interior of the new car are more sophisticated fashion. See here, I believe many of my friends have a desire to buy the Tiggo 7 we will bring you the next, a full analysis to see which models are most suitable for you! The models outlined – market analysis at this stage of the independent brand compact SUV market increasingly fierce competition, more and more competitive products followed, like GAC trumpchi GS4, Geely bullyear etc. models will become a direct competitor Tiggo 7. The practice of Chery is the flagship boutique route, the use of T1X platform to create a higher configuration, driving a better sense of the vehicle. The pursuit of smooth lines and sense of hierarchy, the delicate and youthful appearance to consumers. And Tiggo 7, Tiggo 5 pricing and have some overlap, can use computer. Therefore, Tiggo 7 will be listed as independent compact SUV market in a dark horse, at least not showing Tiggo Tiggo 5 and 3 in the market downturn. The vehicle information & the whole system comes standard with Chery Tiggo 7 configuration analysis from the price list we see, Tiggo 7 with 1.5T engine models are among the 5 models, 6 speed manual gearbox, two with models matching 6 speed dual clutch gearbox, there are two models equipped with the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine models match CVT gearbox. For users who need to buy manual transmission models, the choice is still very wide range, and can be purchased with a smaller cost of the configuration of higher models. If love with plenty of power and not open the manual transmission car friend, can only choose 1.5T+6 speed dual clutch version, the cost is relatively high, the overall cost is not high. For the desire to ride comfort of consumers, it is clear that the combination of 2.0L+CVT is the best choice, after all, Chery is a more mature power products, while the lower maintenance costs. Next, we will compare the same dynamic combination of models, in each of the combination of power out of the most cost-effective models to recommend. See detailed configuration analysis. Recommended models: 1.5T guide price manual panache version: 106 thousand and 900 yuan recommendation: * * * recommended reason: manual panache version as low equipped models, compared to the "beggar" version of a former radar, mirror adjustment and heating function, is not a small improvement in the practical aspects, while adding panorama the roof and the hub higher specification will add to the overall Tiggo 7 "B", so the expenditure of $9 thousand in exchange for the allocation of more worth. Recommended models: 1.5T manual Yao Zhen version of the guide price.相关的主题文章: