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The film industry promotion bill cited hot actor or by the legislation of the high price paid actor "price paid" will be legislated? The film industry promotion law draft submitted to NPC Standing Committee cited hot "suggestions for the actor price paid, the law should make a difference, the film industry promotion bill 30 to the twelve session of the twenty-second meeting of the NPC Standing Committee to consider again, there were suggestions to establish fee management system through legislation. In addition, the movie industry to DeYiShuangXin, domestic film screenings length less than the total length of the 2/3 screening provisions, also sparked heated debate. The high price paid actors 30 years or over 5000 times the film industry promotion law draft submitted to the NPC Standing Committee meeting is being held in the second instance. In yesterday’s deliberations, a member referred to "price paid" problem, think in the law to be regulated. Sun Baoshu members in the consideration mentioned, in recent years, China’s TV drama actors of record highs, due to the lack of reasonable pricing standards, caused widespread controversy in the industry. According to media reports, South Korea and Hollywood movie star paycheck usually accounts for only 20% of the total budget to 30%, while the domestic popular actor paycheck accounted for more than 50% of the cost of film production, such as the recent TV series such as "boot Yi biography", two starring paycheck amounted to 150 million yuan, called the day price. "With the Chinese film industry growing prosperity, the market situation of actor paycheck skyrocketing, many directors, producers for the actor paid complaints has never stopped," Dong Zhongyuan members said recently, CCTV and other media secret actors paid 25 million yuan, low, high, more than one hundred million yuan, 30 years or more than 5000 times the fee the explosive growth in film production costs by leaps and bounds, if things go on like this, will harm the healthy development of the film industry China. In fact, this has caused concern in the industry. The data provided by the National People’s Congress, the legislative research, the famous film artist Qin Yi pointed out that the actors fee is extremely high, many of the film actors fee accounted for more than 50% of production costs, affecting the healthy development of the film industry. And the State Press and Publication Administration announced in August 27th the central inspection teams to patrol the rectification also showed the need to resolutely curb the high price paid, guidance Industry Association of the major film companies pay close attention to the development of industry self-regulation of the Convention on the suppression price paid. To draw the red line ‘legislative proposals Sun Baoshu pointed out that the cost of film over to actors especially star tilt, will seriously affect the screenwriter, scenery, dubbing in the making of the film making related funds, led to the film a star, and the quality of the story, shooting and other aspects of the level is declining, it will not help China’s film production and raising the level of the prosperity of the film market, suggested in the film industry promote the formulation of fee management system of law, the reasonable control of film production cost. Dong Zhongyuan also believes that the price paid increasing polarization and unfair social distribution, this is no matter as soon as possible amendments to the personal income tax law, contract law was enacted to promote the film industry, should do something, for example from the legal theory相关的主题文章: