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UnCategorized Technology and electronics have made huge advancements since… well, since the first ever electronic device ever existed. Record players were replaced with CD players, and now CD players are outdated as the majority of songs are now available in a digital format that can be downloaded onto an external device, such as an mp3 player. Television used to be in black and white and in a box-like contraption. Nowadays, TVs .e in the form of a slim and light flat screen that boast many features. One thing that no one could have imagined be.e a "technological" item is the cigarette. Believe it or not, someone managed to .e up with the electronic version of the tobacco cigarette, and the result has been very positive thus far. The end result is the electronic cigarette, or the e cigarette for short. This device is powered up by a rechargeable battery, which is designed to look like the longest white piece of a real cigarette. What is normally the filter on the tobacco cig is actually a refill cartridge that stores a liquid solution and also serves as a mouthpiece. This mouthpiece has a tiny hole on one end, which is where the user can take draws. The "magic" occurs in the place between the battery and the refill cartridge. The atomizer is the heating element and is responsible for heating up the liquid that is stored inside of the refill cartridge. The liquid is turned into a smoke-like vapor when the atomizer applies heat to it, and the user can inhale this vapor. The liquid solution contains several ingredients, including water, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, and natural and artificial flavors. Using the e cigarette instead of a tobacco cigarette has many benefits for the smoker. The first benefit, and the one that is probably the most important out of all of them, is the absence of the thousands of chemicals that are found in the smoke of a typical tobacco cigarette. The smoke contains toxins and carcinogens that no one would willingly inhale, but since tobacco products are so addictive due to their natural nicotine content, it a .pletely different story. Cigarettes emit formaldehyde, cadmium, carbon monoxide, and thousands of other chemicals that will eventually do damage to the user, and e cigarettes eliminate that threat. Other benefits to using the e cigarette may sound minor to a non-smoker but will mean a lot for a smoker who has had the habit for many years. Using the e cigarette means not having to deal with the hassle of lighters, ashtrays, and the dirt and grime from ashes and other cigarette dirt. It means not having to deal with throwing cigarette butts in their appropriate receptacles or worrying about where you can smoke in public, as there are no laws, except in countries, states, and counties that have banned e cigarette use, governing where you can use the device. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: