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NIMBY   the layout of the petrochemical industry is a must answer — energy — in quite a long period of time, PX has almost become a very scared of words, which caused on the layout of the petrochemical industry, decision-making mechanism and NIMBY (or local residents who fear construction projects on health, environmental quality and value of the assets have a negative impact, so as to stimulate the disgust complex, and take strong and resolute, sometimes highly emotional and even opposed to the collective protest behavior) thinking has been continued. "In November 24th, and beneficial to the people’s livelihood layout of the petrochemical industry in north central enterprises" as the theme of the forum, a number of experts on the petrochemical industry layout problem, the decision mechanism of transparent problems at the same time, also pay attention to the NIMBY problem, and explore the solutions. Not only in the vicinity of the petrochemical field, we are now faced with the problem is not only in the petrochemical field." National Development and Reform Commission, Energy Research Institute, said the earth in the week when the effect of the neighbors said. In November last year, because of a boycott of the surrounding residents of collective rights, is located in Shanghai Pudong New Area Waigaoqiao, Shanghai FTA in Gaoqiao Petrochemical projects in the relocation or shut down the embarrassing situation. With the development of the city of Shanghai, Gaoqiao Petrochemical also gradually away from the city center to fall from before the petrochemical siege embarrassment. If the relocation of the petrochemical project, the cost may be up to 50 billion yuan. In recent years, with the strengthening of environmental protection and awareness of the rights and interests of some petrochemical projects, and even waste incineration, sewage treatment plant site selection problem more and more. In October 2012, located in Ningbo Zhenhai Refinery Expansion integration project was part of the opposition to the final decision "determined not on the PX project of Ningbo municipal government". June 27th this year, Hunan, Ningxiang, some people oppose the construction of waste incineration projects. April, Haiyan County, Hainan, Wanning, Jiangxi, also appeared in the fight against waste incineration project, the voice of the. How to deal with the effect of the neighborhood, has become a petrochemical, nuclear power, waste incineration and other industries must answer questions. However, there are still many problems to be considered in the appearance of the effect. In the petrochemical industry as an example, last year China’s refining capacity reached 7.56 tons, ranking second in the world, but ethylene and other high-end products in the domestic petrochemical paraxylene serious shortage. In August this year, the "Office of the State Council on the petrochemical industry and promote structural adjustment and transformation and increase the efficiency of guidance" also pointed out that the current still has the ability of independent innovation, structural surplus production capacity is not strong, industry structure is not reasonable, safety and environmental pressures and other issues of China’s petrochemical industry, petrochemical industry as a whole has restricted the pace of transformation and upgrading. In May last year, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "petrochemical industry layout plan" for the future layout of the petrochemical industry for the overall deployment, its purpose is through scientific and rational planning, optimize the layout adjustment, improve the quality of development, promoting the improvement of people’s livelihood, promote the petrochemical industry of green, safe and efficient development. This will also break the plight of industrial development from the source of the dilemma". Zhou Dadi said that as a capital and technology intensive industries, large investment in petrochemical industry相关的主题文章: