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The economic growth on the bottom of the rankings by what what save the northeast economy save northeast economy in the face of the northeast economic ecological cycle, large investment projects by the state, or the financial system to the state-owned enterprises is not enough. The blood transfusion reporter Chang Yun down the northeast economic growth continued at the bottom of the rankings in the provinces of the country, how to revitalize the northeast and save the economic and social concerns, has become one of the key decisions. In late August, the national development and Reform Commission announced a new round of revitalization of the Northeast implementation plan, said it will implement 127 major projects and investment in Northeast China and other important information of $1 trillion and 600 billion, the outside world is highly concerned and worried. One expert close to the national development and Reform Commission on the "financial" reporters, the NDRC in the aspects of the implementation of the project process, the most important investment projects in Northeast China has landed, the first quarter of this year, the national investment in the Northeast has exceeded 600 billion yuan. Investment in the past with the main flow of steel, coal, cement and other industries with excess capacity, a new round of investment is mainly for infrastructure, major public facilities, people’s livelihood facilities, such as effective investment". The field of public infrastructure investment decisions and the people’s livelihood, one is to make up for a long period since, in Northeast China in infrastructure and livelihood investment debts, enhanced with the north, East and other regions of rapid access, in order to promote the potential of the emerging industry; on the other hand is to guide and stimulate play of government investment. To attract more social capital to participate, so that social investment has gradually become the Northeast People’s livelihood and infrastructure construction of the main. The industry generally believes that now the northeast is facing "ecological system, the economic downturn — rigid talent – finances – social security weakness — the declining fertility rate — the economic downturn, relying on the national level of large projects, large investment, rely on fiscal and financial system of state-owned enterprises to transfusion, and can not save the northeast. Nie Huihua, vice president of Renmin University of China and the National Development Strategy Research Institute believes that the cause of the northeast economic downturn, is mainly the long-term planned economy and state-owned enterprises thinking, lead to business environment deterioration, state-owned private are lack of vitality. The last round of the revitalization of the northeast is only to give money to the project, and did not change the overall business environment. Therefore, the revitalization of the northeast must reflect the success or failure of the previous ideas of experience, in the system of innovation. The State Council Development Research Center, deputy director Liu Shijin advocated setting up special economic zones in the northeast, the specific way is that the three northeastern provinces and Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces were launched counterparts, launch a special cooperation area, area can be equivalent to a prefecture level city in the southeast provinces, mainly follow the existing economic development and the market economy system, policy rules, to form a reasonable profit and risk sharing mechanism. For Liu Shijin and other experts to engage in economic cooperation zones in the northeast, northeast of a central rate of a vice president of such analysis, Northeast China and Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces "space, large span, and the southeast is not as large as the industrial transfer volume". The new round of Northeast Revitalization should be to expand the opening to the outside world, especially in the international production capacity cooperation, "through the output of output, on the相关的主题文章: