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Real-Estate Trasylol kidney failure problems are well known. Before the Trasylol recall surgeons were not aware of all the risks involved with this anti-bleeding drug. Still, there are plenty of patients who were affected by its side effects. Actually, their number is growing on a regular basis and it should be questioned why this expensive drug was used for so many years when the alternative generic drugs were much cheaper and safer. The Trasylol heart surgery drug manufactured by Bayer has recently been linked to an increased rate of kidney failure, heart attack, and death in the five years following a patient undergoing bypass surgery. Trasylol kidney problems occurring after surgery have affected thousands of patients throughout the United States. Patients and families around the United States have filed Trasylol lawsuits based on the side effects of this controversial drug. Currently no Trasylol class action suits have been filed and claims continue to be filed as individual cases. The lawsuits claim that the drugs manufacturer, Bayer, was negligent in several different ways including: marketing and selling Trasylol as a safe and effective medication for heart surgery patients failing to adequately warn patients of unreasonable and dangerous side effects some of which are fatal failing to conduct adequate pre-clinical testing and post-marketing studies to determine the safety and side effects of Trasylol failing to use ordinary care in designing, testing and manufacturing Trasylol Trasylol (Aprotinin) was approved by the FDA in 1993 for use in certain open heart surgery procedures. Even thought the drugs side effects were well known, Trasylol continued to be used until May 2008 to reduce the amount of blood a patient loses both during and after a surgery. In 2006 the serious problems with Trasylol were highlighted in the first of what has been an increasing number of studies. On January 26, 2006, The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published an article that associated Trasylol with potentially fatal side effects including kidney failure. On September 21, 2006, the FDA met to examine the mounting evidence of serious Trasylol side effects. Although Bayer appeared to cooperate with this FDA investigation, it was later learned that Bayer was withholding data from a study which indicated Trasylol causes life-threatening side-effects. The FDA found out that Bayer did not disclose this damaging data shortly after the FDA .pleted its investigation. However, the FDA learned about this data only because a scientist from Bayers study tipped off the FDA. Bayer did not willingly disclose the data to the FDA even when Bayer representatives were face to face with FDA officials to discuss the dangers of Trasylol, and even though numerous FDA officials .mented to Bayer that they needed more data. The damaging data from Bayers study indicated that Trasylol increased a patients risks of death, stroke, congestive heart failure, and kidney failure. This data was .parable to an earlier study that indicated the administration of Trasylol during surgery dramatically increases a patients risks of life-threatening .plications and death. This earlier study showed Trasylol use during surgery resulted in a 181% increased risk of stroke or encephalopathy, a 55% increased risk of heart attack or heart failure, and an over 200% increased risk of kidney failure. On top of this dramatic inflation of life-threatening risks, Trasylol may actually be less effective than other drugs that were available before Trasylol. These alternative drugs are generics that were cheaper, and more importantly did not pose the same life-threatening dangers to patients. Since these generics were readily available, the continued use of Trasylol imposed substantial and unnecessary risks on patients. Following increasing evidence of the drugs serious side effects, Trasylol was finally removed from the marketplace on November 5, 2007. Therefore, the drug injury lawsuit may be the perfect solutions thanks to its benefits. The use of this drug during a bypass surgery can lead to future and severe health problems; the alternatives are to be used in order to avoid all the unwanted consequences and the patients health should be preserved. By hiring an attorney who is specialized in this area, you will improve your own chances of getting the deserved .pensation for your medical bills and pain and suffering. The desired out.e can be achieved thanks to professional help and the only thing that you will have to do is to go online and start looking for a reputable attorney who can take proper care of this matter. You should seek legal representation as soon as possible if you are suffering from kidney and heart damage because there is a limited time to bring a claim. These are the most .mon consequences when it .es to the side effects of this anti-bleeding drug. Therefore, you should seek the deserved .pensation by hiring an attorney who can help you in front of the court. The Trasylol kidney failure problems should be .pensated and you can do this by filing a lawsuit against this drug and its producers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: