The departure of Wen Hui Hai ushered in the 21 anniversary celebration of our science and technology 97179

The departure of Wen Hui Hai ushered in the 21 anniversary celebration of our Sohu China technology information technology network November 12th news: November 11th, the world’s leading IT services and solutions provider, Wen Hui Hai ushered in the 21 anniversary celebration of our. Since the 1995 sailing date, Evans hiSoft with remarkable innovation ability and strong internationalization strategy, adhere to the delivery of world-class IT services for global customers, established IT industry leading position. Based on the global leading international development of Wen Hui Hai in the world outside of 15 countries and regions, the China offices and delivery center, the United States and Europe, Asia Pacific and greater China business combination is Chinese local coverage overseas market’s largest IT services company. More than 25 thousand employees worldwide, from each of the 55 countries, truly have a variety of technical and business background, as well as a strong team spirit of corporate culture. Over the past 21 years, Wen Hui Hai walked out of a road to international development, establish the service ability of global business in many fields. The language service as an example, by virtue of persistence and attention for 20 years, Wen Hui Hai language service all the way from the original single stride forward singing militant songs, simplified Chinese, to 147 languages in Asia Europe now encompasses major language; service team from the initial startup of 20 people today in more than and 100 countries more than ten thousand people; the scale of services also gradually developed into today Chinese maximum, for 5 consecutive years ranked the world’s top 20. The future, Wen Hui Hai will also rely on a wealth of international experience, in the "Dongfeng Belt and Road Initiative" policy, Chinese help more enterprises to go abroad, to the international. Innovation lay the whole industry leading position in the fierce competition in the international market, Wen Hui Hai established include strategic consulting, system solutions and IT implementation, covering finance, medical, automotive, high-tech, aviation, telecommunications, government and other dozen industries. Evans hiSoft adhere to the technical innovation driven, through innovative solutions to create business value, create a partnership with more than 90 global top 500 enterprises. Wen Hui Hai relying on perfect service system, in a number of industries firmly establish a customized solutions leader. Especially in the financial cloud computing, Internet banking and big data and other popular areas to form a strong advantage, including overseas financial institutions, including nearly 300 industry customers to provide services. In 2015, Wen Hui Hai published in the IDC China banking Solutions Market Rankings ranked second, highlighting the absolute strength in the financial field of digital. Fully open its digital transformation strategy facing the departure trend of the rapid change of IT technology, Wen Hui Hai keen to seize the opportunity of the digital revolution. In 2014, Wen Hui Hai open digital strategic transformation, construction and optimization of digital service system, so it has been the high affirmation of the industry. Expand the consulting firm Zinnov released "2015" digital service rating report in the internationally renowned globalization and market, Wen Hui Hai "data.相关的主题文章: