The combination of sound tour concert in October too open for you.-dxperience

The combination of "sound too tour concert on October opening tour will open too Ji combination Aguilar too combination of Sina entertainment news China original music advocate combination Aguilar too soon to open a nationwide tour for you.". In October 21st the popular and national integration "as the core of the 2016 Ji" sound for you too "National Concert Tour Beijing Railway Station ignite the passion for music. October is the autumn harvest season, on the road of music meaning Aguilar too harvest, is the 2016 type of time; it also need to fill in "open", is the establishment of a review of 4 years of precipitation Aguilar too, is also a tribute to the fans and their music. Aguilar too "sound for you" concert tour in October to open the combination of singing is too, under the sky, the beauty of the soul. A combination of female members of seaman beautiful voice, plus, Shakira dances, narrative layout in music can be combined across the Silk Road vision. The 2016, too "sound tour is also exciting in music for you", by the combination of the Han, Mongolian, Tibetan, Yi and other language exquisite arrangement, fast and slow, urgent and sustained, popular and national; changes in the rhythm in the melody, sublimation, is presented in front of us. A man has feelings and unique temperament, and has a special appeal of the concert. It is reported that the Beijing Railway Station will begin after October 21st, in Nanjing, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Chengdu and other places, will also go to Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Kampuchea and other places. The combination of Mongolian and Tibetan, too, Yi three members together full of wit, the ancient and modern dances, leading piano guitar together, the combination of Chinese and Western musical instruments together, draw with original text and beautiful melody and unique display of national cultural connotation of history. Ji too as in the past through their own efforts for ethnic customs, ethnic culture spread to the country, so that more people are concerned about this magical land.相关的主题文章: