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"Challenge the impossible" is about to broadcast the second quarter   Lee Hom served as judges to replace Emil Chau – entertainment channel — original title: Lee Hom Qing Dong has replaced Emil Chau as judges admit when mom, jokes about the kids are still too far on the future, launched by CCTV integrated channel inspirational challenge program "challenge impossible" in season second held a press conference in Beijing, Lee Hom, Qing Dong and Li Changyu three judges debut, Sa Beining served as moderator. "Challenge impossible" in the second quarter, in addition to the continuation of Qing Dong, Li Changyu, and the original lineup of the original, as a guest judge to join the jury, replacing the original of the, the original, the United States and china. According to reports, the wife is pregnant with a second child with me to also has always attached great importance to family of Lee Hom during the program recording, he fathered a daughter and a half year old monkey year again when dad. Part of the group’s visit, when the reporter mentioned Lee Hom child, one side of Qing Dong is very excited, she said there is no person contact with Leehom home baby, but to see the photos. Asked about the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala related issues, Qing Dong said, at present the Spring Festival Gala has been set up, but the problem has not yet been specific communication moderator." The impossible second season is scheduled for October. (Xin Yu) (related links) Qing Dong admitted to have been the mother in the day of the challenge impossible in the second quarter of the Beijing press conference. Group visit links, Qing Dong for the first time, the default has a baby, the media asked, what is the impossible to take care of the children?" Qing Dong responded: This is the face of all the people can find a way to do things, not impossible, not so serious." Subsequently, Qing Dong added: "any phase of the child’s growth may be a challenge to the parents, the child will need to grow up slowly communication and education." Asked to take care of the children what is the good thing, Qing Dong smiled and said: "now tell the truth how many there are helper, mom and dad." Asked about the baby grow up will take over when the host, Qing Dong laughed again, "too far, this problem is too far." (Le Le) (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: