The BYD song version listed price of 8.99-14.99 million yuan (video)-onavo protect

The BYD song version listed price of 8.99-14.99 million yuan in late September 1st, BYD network conference held the song version listed, the new car price 8.99-14.99 yuan, launched a total of 1.5TI, 1.5TID and 2.0TID three kinds of power a total of 9 models, the BYD song version of a 1.5TDI automatic models, and upgrade the configuration, the overall price rise. The song version of the 1.5TI and 1.5TID models can also allow customers to enjoy the national tax policies. At the same time enjoy the cash envelopes and Car Buying envelopes, the highest 3000 yuan and 2.0TID vehicle manufacturers subsidies 6000 yuan purchase tax preferential activities. BYD Tang (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) version of the official guide price models (million) 1.5TI leading type 8.991.5TI type 9.991.5TI type 10.991.5TI elite TAG Heuer 4G distinguished type 11.991.5TID type 10.691.5TID type 11.691.5TID leading elite TAG Heuer type 12.692.0TID 4G distinguished type 13.992.0TID 4G flagship 14.99 comments: BYD song with dazzling aura, with the appearance of personality strong power, rich configuration, accumulated a good reputation in the market. Independent brand progress has been placed in front of you, the song version of the listing, believe with good performance to win more market recognition. Appearance, the BYD song version compared to the current model is the new seal before Cao Yong’s "song" instead of "BYD" English LOGO, front wheel, wheel hub, etc. are also using the new seal "song" logo; and the car front bumper also used the same design and color of the body. The overall feeling is more obvious. Length and width of 456518301720 (including luggage rack) mm, of which the distinguished type, flagship equipped with a R18 tire, the rest of the model is 22565 R17 tires. According to different cars equipped with a panoramic sunroof or electric sunroof, double color body, LED lamp, 17 or 18 inch wheels, double color Aluminum Alloy LED color LOGO tail. Yu Chao more steady BYD song overall interior layout does not change, but also the use of LOGO seal on the steering wheel. The new car is equipped with a PM2.5 net system, green 360° panoramic image, memory linkage system, high fidelity 9 speakers, intelligent key, voice control, comfortable configuration, equipped with 8 inch multi touch screen, Baidu CarLife, phonelink Carpad multimedia machine interconnected system for vehicle offered convenient entertainment information; and 1.5TI top models and the 2.0TID models have increased 4G module, and 4G will be presented one year free flow. Power, the new car uses 3 engines, retains the 1.5TI, an increase of matching speed 6 wet dual clutch gearbox 1.5TID models and 2.0TID models, the power rating of the two engines were 113kW and 1.相关的主题文章: