The bottom line eight National Central hit Zhao Ke wearing the uniform full of positive energy –

"The bottom line" eight National Central hit Zhao Ke wearing the uniform full of positive energy – Sohu Sohu Zhao Ke entertainment entertainment news by director Gao Jinjun, Huang Zhizhong, Zuo Xiaoqing, Zhao Ke, guojinglin strength actor starring in TV drama theme Guoneishoubu "national quality inspection line" is currently CCTV is the eight prime time hit, youth film and television actress Zhao Ke change the screen in the past in the elegant costume gentle fan children in the play, the embodiment of vitality of the sun’s "two rich generation" white man, interpreted as a quality safety inspector for the audience, set full of positive energy full of sunshine. As the drama "bottom line" of national quality inspection for the first time to show the audience the national inspection and Quarantine Department of the daily work, focus on Huang Zhizhong’s Ding Da and Zhao Ke’s Bai Yinan etc. the quality inspection teams, a fierce competition of wits with criminals. Zhao Ke played Cole in "Three Kingdoms" in classical costume beauty, loved by the audience, from the past to the classical image, wearing uniforms and handsome, at the same time, the Zhao Ke as white as a male two rich generation, is willing to give up fame, ideals and choice of quality inspection industry, with positive energy for the dream to establish a revolutionary new model a generation of young people. Turning to the role, Zhao Ke said: to learn a lot of professional knowledge, quality inspection is the bottom line, and the safety of every one of us is the bottom line, hope that through this drama can let the audience know this silently but very important quality inspection industry. By virtue of the film and television for many years carefully polished Zhao Ke, only the second half of this year is "happy" to "fate and cherish" bottom line "" national three works on satellite launch, the character is full of gossip reporters from strong woman fan, to the soft scheming female teachers, and then to the sun and the quality of the officer, all kinds of "contrast adorable" make fans look at! Zhao Ke played different roles in the drama "never for their own limits, many aspects of life experience" is the pursuit of an acting career, but she did "speak with works" actor duty.相关的主题文章: