The Beginners Guide For Silver Jewellery Superstitions-t420s

Imagine that when you yawn, yes you…that evil spirits could be entering your body. You must cover your mouth to prevent this. Superstitions say that it is a sign that Death is calling you and according to some Native Americans you should snap your second finger and thumb. Silver jewellery and body jewellery has also been worn in accordance with superstitions. Silver rings are worn to adorn the person sometimes without realizing that they are showing their frustrations by wearing certain types of silver rings on certain fingers. Wearing silver earrings for example were thought to keep the devils away, and in the same way painting the lips was also done. Body jewellery and silver earrings are thought to be protection from evil spirits entering the body by one of the five orifices. In medieval times people believe once that pearls were unlucky as they were viewed as solidified tears. Opals at this time were also considered unlucky but diamonds were great luck and had the power to drive away witches and also prevent the wearer from ever going insane. Nowadays there is an increase in people who wear silver jewellery which is decorated with their birthstone, as they believe that this will bring them luck. Some people prefer to wear them with gold. 1. January Birthstone-Garnet It is normally red in colour, and is thought to protect you from nightmares. It should boost your physical, emotional and mental health and attract more luck and self confidence. 2. February Birthstone-Amethyst This stone .es in lilac and varying deeper shades of purple. It is associated with protection and peace and keeping sober. It is believed to relieve tension and stress. 3. March Birthstone-Aquamarine This light blue stone is meant to give the wearer extra stamina. It is meant to be a symbol of love, health and hope. It is also thought to protect those who go to sea. 4. April Birthstone-Diamond The diamond traditionally symbolizes undying love which most people know. However it is meant to help you keep the bigger picture in mind so that you don’t get drowned in a sea of details-making you successful in all your endeavours. 5. May Birthstone-Emerald The emerald is a symbol of friendship but has also been known to cure a range of illnesses as well as give the wearer the ability to see the future! 6. June Birthstone-Pearl There are some that believe that the pearl has antibiotic properties. The better known meaning is for chastity and loyalty, and toward a happy marriage. 7. July Birthstone-Ruby Ruby symbolizes love. It is also meant to protect the wearer from harm and help them live peacefully alongside neighbours. 8. August Birthstone-Peridot For protection in the dark and friendship-but some shamans/medicine men used peridot to serve their medicine from to enhance the effects. 9. September Birthstone-Sapphire The sapphire is believed to bring about physical and emotional balance. Sapphires were used by Greeks to tap into the subconscious mind via the third eye. 10. October Birthstone-Opal This stone is to increase insight and to eliminate dread. The name of the stone originates from the Greek word opallus which means to see a change in colour. The opal has the ability to reflect wavelengths of light for lovely vision. 11. November Birthstone-Citrine This stone is to increase feelings of joy and creativity. It is also thought to help with the functioning of the liver, kidneys, heart and digestive system. 12. December Birthstone-Turquoise This stone has been treated for centuries by certain civilizations as a holy and protective stone. Ancient Egyptian tombstones have turquoise around the tombs of royalty. It is thought to promote spiritual and mental clarity, and encourage wisdom, trust and kindness. 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