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The Automobile Association: are cheat up to blame this new energy vehicles sales target or adjust the Phoenix News on September 9th, the Ministry of Finance announced second days after the list of expenses, Chinese Automobile Industry Association held a conference in August car sales data information. In the Automobile Association Deputy Secretary General Xu Yanhua said, "all is cheat up to blame, after the auto industry association may be adjusted to set the sales target of 700 thousand vehicles this year." In September 8th, the Ministry of Finance website published "on the local public budgets and inform" special inspection of the application of new energy vehicles subsidy funds, to be exposed to the public in violation of the relevant laws and regulations and to seek illegal defrauding financial subsidies of 5 typical enterprises and penalties. The information was announced on the "new energy vehicles cheat up again to become a car circle in the teeth of the storm, the focus of public opinion. The Ministry of Finance announced the publication of 5 companies cheat up, they are Suzhou GMC Bus Manufacturing Co. Ltd., United Automotive Industry (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Wuzhoulong Automobile Co. Ltd., Chery Guizhou Wanda bus Limited by Share Ltd, Henan Shaolin bus Limited by Share Ltd. 5 car prices malicious fraud to fill the state financial subsidies over 1 billion yuan, the way and the extent of different ways of fraud, the punishment is also different. But it must be a few companies just malicious cheat fill typical, the use of policy fraud to fill the list of companies far more than 5. Automobile Association Deputy Secretary General Xu Yanhua said, some enterprises illegal interests "cheat up behavior of industrial development, to the development of new energy vehicles, and even the transformation of the whole country policy has great harm. From the perspective of the Automobile Association, we look forward to the long list of fraud has finally revealed that the industry to rectify the industry order, regulate the healthy development is a good thing. From today’s sales data released in August, sales of new energy vehicles were 42 thousand and 38 thousand, an increase of 81.5% and 92.2%, respectively. So far this year, 1-8 month sales of new energy vehicles 245 thousand. Automobile Association Deputy Secretary General Xu Yanhua analysis, due to policy reasons, the fourth quarter of last year, sales of new energy vehicles outbreak. But due to cheat up, do not expect this year’s sales target than the Automobile Association before the expected 700 thousand high. She said, now car prices are in a "tangled wait state, entangled in the 2015 subsidy has not fulfilled the 2016 revealed a cheat up phenomenon, but companies do not want to give up the new energy vehicle market, so wait for the state to adjust the subsidy policy. So many companies will be very late". Xu Yanhua said that this year, the new energy automotive sales target mainly depends on the release time to adjust the subsidy policy, ideally, if the policy can be released before the end of September to October, the second half of the year and a quarter of the time. If the market can achieve a certain amount of demand, optimistic about this year’s new energy vehicle sales may reach 500 thousand. With subsidies gradually fall off, the new energy automotive industry can not rely on the policy, only rely on growth laws and market demand, the ongoing strategic layout and transformation of this enterprise products. In addition, with the fermentation of the fraud incident, the new energy steam.相关的主题文章: