The accident with the box Beasley Zhou Qi training exhausted Zuodao the ground (video)

The accident with the box Beasley Zhou Qi Texun collapsed Zuodao the ground Zhou Qi slumped on the ground of American friends sun Zhou Qi photos with the height is too high excited Tencent sports news September 11th currently Zhou Qi is in Houston for special training, while living in a foreign country, but Zhou Qi and find an old acquaintance, Shandong legend Beasley. In the locker room, the second grade Rockets player Dekker uploaded a photo of Beasley, in Dekker’s view, Shandong great taste in clothes is poor, so they ridicule a big brother. But this photo, slumped on the ground of Zhou Qi, is also the thing which. In the wake of a sharp contrast. From the position of view, Zhou Qi obviously tired light, he sat on the ground, with drooping head, legs apart, apparently had a large amount of exercise training. This is reminiscent of the Rockets released during the week before the video seems hard Qi, high strength training really is a test of Zhou Qi. The United States Slide Show users in addition to the training, walk on the road in Houston today, the height is also quite impressive, especially the rocket was selected after him in houston local fans group, also have a certain reputation. An American friends in their social accounts out of the sun he and Zhou Qi photo, and exclaimed "Zhou Qi too big TM." According to the schedule, Zhou Qi will return to the beginning of next month, in other words, he also needs to be accepted in Houston for a period of time training. (Yang Weili)相关的主题文章: