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Travel-and-Leisure Amsterdam for Two, Please Amsterdam is one of the places so far off from the concept of romance, that is so closely related to places like Venice and France, but one might be surprised at the romantic ambiance Amsterdam can offer. Well, surprisingly, it can and for many, it is in this unexpectedness that many find the spark of romance. One might note that Amsterdam is also quite like Venice as it is considered as a floating city with canals and waterscapes, cobblestoned streets and couples walking hand in hand everywhere to provide an overall beautiful atmosphere thats just intoxicating. Add to this the many beautiful cafes on cobblestone steps that seem to imbibe a feeling of lazy afternoons sitting by people watching and strolling through the different mazes of the town such as that of Spanjer en van Twist. And when thats over and done with, couples can head off to the several parks such as Sarphatipark, Flevopark, Vondelpark, Westerpark and the Snippendaal Garden and bask in nostalgic recalls. Afterwards, spend a meaningful night in one of Amsterdams beautiful minimalist hotels and watch the cityscapes that hold a new meaning for you both. Taking a Road Trip down at Zaanse Schans Just 20 minutes away from Amsterdam proper, Zaanse Schans is a great village to visit for those looking for a bygone era in Amsterdam and Dutch history. There are so many details in this town that show remnants of it as an old 17th century industrial village from the clog workshop, the still working windmills which allow visitors in on selected days and the cheese factory. The cheese factory gives out several samples of their cheese for tourists to taste. To get to Zaanse Schans, one can take the train going to Koog Zaandjik which will take you to its town proper, after which Zaanse Schans is only 10 minutes away by foot, or one can bike going there. Zaanse Schans is best conquered on a one-day escapade but if one insists in staying there, the only available ac.modation is at the Hotel Sans Pareil. After walking through the town, drop by the Museum Zaans to get some knowledge about how their local customs came to be. Amsterdam for the Ultimate Food Lovers Most of the dining stops in Amsterdam are famous for their cozy atmosphere, warm setting and relaxed manner more than just the culinary delights they offer. Most restaurants and cafes in Amsterdam are meant to be conversation places rather than fine dining areas where one can just sit back and relax with the .fort of friends. Theres Bistro Sante at Regio for those who like big portions. And for those who like something a little more quiet albeit for a much older crowd, theres the Caf aad de Wolf which is converted into bar at night. At the historic Zaanse Schans, theres the Restaurant de Hoop op d Swarte Walvis, a historic area which serves great food and great conversations with the staff as well. And for those craving for a more Asian palate, try the Thai restaurant t Waepen van Naang-Nuan which is famous for their fresh catches and tempting desserts. There are still so many restaurants to choose from, and all are great places to try out while in Amsterdam! Learning the Ropes of Winemaking at the Amsteltuin Vineyard Although Amsterdam is quiet a busy village in itself, its good to know that theres an easy escape with a more laidback lifestyle which can be found in the nearby village of Amstelveen. De Amsteltuin or Amsteltuin Vineyard is one of the very few Dutch vineyards existing and is the only one very close to Amsterdam that has different wine-related activities such as workshops and wine courses. Different group tours around the vineyard are possible upon request. If you want a sample of their work, arrangements will have to be made prior as Amsteltuin is still in the experimentation stage with some of their wines and grapes. In the more warm-weathered months, one can enjoy a barbecue and buffet from the staff if wished. In the meantime, one can just sit back and relax on the different open patios and terraces with a wine in hand and the vineyard as the picturesque backdrop. Aside from being a vineyard, Amsteltuin has also been made into a care centre for the disabled. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: