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The 63 year old daughter with her 93 year old mother-in-law remarried 10 years out of 63 year old Beijing far – with a 93 year old woman daughter-in-law remarried in the town of Xinmin village, Wushan County, more than 1300 meters above sea level, there is a special law – – 95 year old mother and daughter Deng Zilian Deng Shenggui at the age of 65. The neighbors said they like her daughter. Deng Shenggui’s husband is the adopted son of the elderly. Two years ago, Deng Shenggui remarried, 93 year old mother Deng Zilian became Deng Shenggui’s only "". Three meals a day, the old man to wash feet, Deng Shenggui never slack off. Deng Zilian said happily, the old blessed, not a family, not into a house. 1 when her mother married Officer Yang Zhen from Wushan County dachangzhen mother attended Deng Zilian at the age of 19, Shi Zhihai, have a daughter, her daughter has died at the age of 19 sick. Because of her daughter’s death, Shi Zhihai’s body became worse and worse, gradually lost the ability to work. Later, Deng Zilian adopted a 4 month old boy named Shi De. 45 years ago, when Deng Shenggui was married to the age of 20, became the daughter of the son of the president of Deng Zilian. "My body is so good, thanks to the good daughter-in-law. After the birth of the door, the first thing is to give us $two monthly expenditure to buy medicine. During the day to do farm work, come back at night mending, wash clean, do not let me do heavy work." Speaking of his daughter-in-law, Deng Zilian both moved and proud. 26 years ago, the father-in-law stone sea after the death of Deng Shenggui is her mother when the mother as she. In winter, Deng Zilian will work with disabled legs pain, Deng Shenggui always early to give her mother-in-law a few sewing cotton double knee. Weekdays, the house a little delicious, always first to her mother up. 2 with a 93 year old mother remarried Deng Zilian Deng Shenggui, both of her mother-in-law lived together for 40 years, arouse more attention is focused on two years ago. In 2008, Deng Shenggui’s two sons grew up, but her husband, Shi Dean, died. In 2014, the enthusiastic person, Deng Shenggui met the widowed Chen Shaomei. Deng Shenggui Chen Shaomei proposed the establishment of a new family: his only worry her mother-in-law, no matter where people have remarried with her. "Mother and you, I have received the past. Home for the elderly, is a blessing, I promise I would like you to take care of the elderly!" Then Chen Shaomei said, let Deng Shenggui still remember. Another day, a 93 year old woman is Deng Shenggui’s only "dowry". She took her mother’s hand and said: "your body is not good, action is not convenient, I am your crutch." She said: "you are my girl, this life can not do without you." Every day around 6 in the morning, Deng Shenggui, the first thing to get up at the age of 65, is to dress up for her mother, who is about 95 years old. "Mother in law has trouble with her legs." Deng Shenggui carefully helped her to the toilet. After cooking, Deng Shenggui always give her mother-in-law a bowl. "She does not eat spicy rice should be cooked soft, in the settled mother-in-law after all, Deng Shenggui hurriedly pull the two meals, go out road相关的主题文章: