The 2016244 phase Ten arrangement forecast three bit number to take the heat –

The 2016244 phase: Ten arrangement forecast three bit number to take the heat – Sohu 16243 arrangement of three lottery results for 416, six groups of morphology, size ratio of 1:2, parity ratio of 1:2, mass ratio of 1:2, and the value of 11, a span of 5. Arrangement of three 16244 BLUELOVER experts recommend number: 100 100: the shake out the number 4, the recent 100 ball 5-5-6-3-7-4, medium and large numerical strength, this period continue to value in numerical performance (from large to small: 0-2 is small, 3-6, 7-9 as). Ten: the ten out of number 1, according to statistics, a new focus on the number of strong rebound. A forecast: Number 6 out, from the observation of parity data bits award number, 238-240 consecutive out odd, even continuous out in the 241-243 phase, the period of the next 244 odd position is expected to open. In addition to the 3 residue analysis: out of a period of 012 ratio of 1:2:0, three 012 road alignment analysis from the recent trend, 244 concerned about the 0 road number large area award. Recommendation: the average mean at 4 points throughout the recent overall average distribution, 244 1 Average speculation will not state stealth.相关的主题文章: