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Test: what is the most suitable for your animation weapon why animation works can let us produce a two impulse? In addition to the role of the image is awesome, those who make a person unable to hide greeds weapons, that is a big incentive! See the role of using wind handsome weapons, we will make mind if I was unable to restrain the emotions with words, so……" And what kind of weapon is the best for you? Finish the test today and you’ll know! 1. What do you think is the most important role of a weapon? Has a strong attack force, can any opponent – 2 seckill appearance – wind, vanity 3 has many unique characteristics, very practical, 42, why do you think the Japanese cartoon hero of love with the sword? This is a traditional 11 zone, that is the sword of the protagonist – 3 for the sword seems better suited to the girl, and there is no so-called "Marines lucky E" negative influence to 4 Japanese painting is not good because of other weapons – 53, if you in the street to see a very old weapon and you think this is? Hidden props, as long as through the opening, immediately become big kill! Turn 4 only to meet the real owner, to play a role – to turn the 5 is a broken – turn to the 64, do you think the hero is not necessarily have their own weapons? Yes, no weapons, like less like what 5 – not, for example the ability is often no weapons – 6 said no, look at the works up – to the 75, do you think the name of weapons should be what kind of? It sounds like an artifact, shouted the name to the enemy – scared urine turn 7 in many of his works can be seen in the history of weapons, with visibility – type A is more low-key better, it can paralyze the enemy – 106, you love what style of fighting? To move to the extreme wind seckill enemy – 7 turn into a bitter struggle, at the last moment to defeat the enemy – the 8 best minds of war, so that more technical content, compared to 97, you love hot weapon or cold weapon? Hot weapon, because the times are different, the shells of the absolute than the sword – awesome B type cold weapon, it looks more handsome, but a bit less hot weapon to fight us 9 to the 128, that is not good – you think that weapons should come from? Out of their own body, so as to realize the harmony between man and nature – type C after the test of life and death Awards – best to turn 10 are in the family, or a veteran send – turn 119 hand weapons, if broken, what would you do? The weapon is my companion, I will find a place to fix it – 10 to change a weapon, after all, life is the most important way to turn 11 – when the junk to sell, at least can make a – type D10, you believe that good weapon is the soul? I believe that everything has spirit, weapons will be fine – to 12 do not believe that weapons is a kind of goods, also got into a fine – 13 said no – turn 1511, this time if you give an artifact, you’ll want to do what? Carrying weapons, punishing the strong weak, become the angel of Justice – 12 at home when receiving!相关的主题文章: