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Teng potential 400 will also be listed on your mileage is not enough? Sohu Sohu E electric car car [park] at the beginning of the month, Teng potential officially released the new cars — the proton potential of 400. The new car will be on sale this month, compared to cash, the biggest change is the mileage increase, from the current 253km jumped to 400km; in addition due to the increased battery capacity, the new car price also improved. Since this year, domestic manufacturers have introduced a pure electric car without exception, in the pursuit of longer mileage, 200km, 250km, 300km, and currently has 400km in the sale of pure electric vehicles, increasing life mileage can alleviate the anxiety, but will also bring increased costs of batteries. For consumers, the market behind the phenomenon is the basic problem of electric vehicles: we need the number of life in the end of the electric car? Understanding of the potential changes in the new car, let us talk about the mileage of those things. What does 400km mean? Are we really just because of the numbers? Fuel vehicles in accordance with the configuration of the high and low car section of the way, but also for electric cars do?                        相关的主题文章: