Tencent and FAW – Volkswagen Audi depth distribution of digital domain-ssdao

In September 11, 2016, Tencent and the FAW – Volkswagen Audi to the depth distribution of the digital world, Tencent and the FAW – Volkswagen, Audi (Chinese) in Shanghai signed a memorandum of cooperation with three parties, the three party will be in the future vehicle information entertainment innovation and Audi brand marketing strategy launched in-depth discussion and cooperation, and jointly promote the integration of the Internet industry and China the automotive industry in depth, to achieve the "three party Internet plus" era of win-win. Tencent and the FAW – Volkswagen, Audi (China) signed a memorandum of cooperation of three party vice president of Tencent Inc (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) Zheng Xianglin, FAW FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co general manager Zhang Pijie (see figures in the latest news), Audi (China) general manager Wei Yongxin (Joachim Wedler) and the FAW – Volkswagen Audi sales executive department deputy general manager attended the conference of youth. Tencent Inc vice president Zheng Xianglin said at the press conference Zheng Xianglin said at the meeting: "with the" Internet plus "era, consumer demand and service experience, every day in the changing, demand and service, the car people car product experience is also rising. Tencent owns the Internet Ecosystem connecting everything, and has launched a solution of vehicle open platform provides car networking, through this strategic cooperation signing opportunity, hope that through the Tencent user insight, data accumulation, product experience and innovative technology, together with Audi to jointly open a new era of automotive products, the next generation of experience the next generation of automotive service, the next generation of automobile marketing." FAW FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co general manager Zhang Pijie also pointed out that the strategic cooperation and Tencent to reach, is an important step in the layout of the FAW – Volkswagen FAW – Volkswagen digital business, looking forward to the relevant vehicle information and entertainment innovation in Audi brand marketing activities and other aspects of the in-depth discussion of the strategic partners, the one and only provide digital solutions for consumers. It is understood that the three parties signed a memorandum of cooperation, the Tencent will make full use of the platform and ecosystem resources advantages, promote China, Audi brand related sales and marketing activities, and IT service technology, product innovation. In addition to jointly explore the Internet financial innovation in automotive electric cars, with social networking as the core of the Internet Ecosystem and many other fields of solutions, localization and so on to expand the business volume and image, interact with consumers, the product provides the effective data driving force. Tencent and FAW – Volkswagen, Audi (China) and other participants posed for a long time, Tencent teamed Audi has launched a number of innovative cooperation and achieved remarkable results. In 2014 the Tencent CAITONG teamed up to create a "Car Buying that Audi automobile finance activities, the first" Car Buying "and" financial "binding together, creating a new fashion of mobile business, this is the car brand in the mobile marketing on a bold exploration; this year the Rio Olympics, the Tencent to join Audi launched WeChat" National Olympic movement to the Rio challenge activities, creating a new model of interactive marketing new online linkage participation. Currently, Tencent has achieved in social, video, entertainment, car alliance.相关的主题文章: