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"Tell me the world" Wu Mochou: honest to   the integrity of the people — entertainment channel, on Sunday night, "I tell the world" started the ultimate battle game speech at the bird’s nest stage, the pinnacle of the night is as heavy fighting, the climax of four. Eerie little witch Wu Mochou dressed in simple strapless white shirt collocation wide leg pants, natural and without losing the sense of fashion to speak again. That night, MOMO bare heart, memories and mother warm and enjoy the life of childhood, and the bird’s nest recording program experienced brutally cut journey ". Decisive battle arena MOMO retreat gorgeous appearance, with the most honest attitude to speak the real self, to bring the audience full of courtesy. "I tell the world" to the peak period of King MOMO finals war child memories of a lifetime story "tell my world" is a famous speech in Jiangsu TV reality show, to let the speaker tell the TA behind the real hot news to the audience on the stage, like the social transfer positive energy, showing the true language of thought feast. On Sunday night I say "the world" bird’s nest battle peak night rujierzhi, 6 speakers pack together, fun evening peak stage speech. The little witch Wu Mochou dressed in black and white clothes with small and neat short hair, fresh and cute girl next door began to speak, VU let the audience unconsciously together with her childhood memories into the lecture in the story, the king of the children during the period of the warmth of childhood. The speech on the stage, Wu Mochou is the first to sell a crisis, said this is his second time on the nest stage, but why for the first time on the nest stage but little-known, really tempt the appetite of the audience. Wu Mochou began to tell the story of his childhood, the original Wu Mo childhood with a BB machine, has become the king of the children, but because of careless BB lost and lied to her mother, but the mother did not criticize Wu but tender, make small MOMO ashamed. This is the experience of childhood, let Wu Mo remember you must be honest, honest person would have more peace of mind will make people comfortable. Is the so-called honest to the integrity of the people is the standard of the people is to cultivate. Speak of my world stage, Wu Mochou talk about his childhood incarnation positive energy KOL, like the audience to convey sincere attitude. The first stage was Wu Mochou secret nest cut event honest concusses practical man and then make the speech artists to enter the ultimate PK game, the bird’s nest gorgeous stage makes sense of the inherent stage of Wu Mochou’s speech more confident and witty, like a duck. Speech, Wu Mochou eyes sincere, full of emotion, vivid words, and deep blue lights, making Wu Mo stage charm was full of speech fan children. For the first time known for the first stage of the bird’s nest event, Wu Mochou said, it is a gentle childhood mother taught, will be honest in mind. Even anticipate their programs will be lost, but because has promised to show the group is still carefully prepared every rehearsal, not back, after all, honesty is more important than what. Is so honest to yourself, the integrity of the quality of people, making 92 years of Wu Mochou in the sound相关的主题文章: