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TCL Li Dongsheng: the internationalization of enterprises need to dare for the world first – home appliance — original title: TCL Li Dongsheng: the internationalization of enterprises need to dare for the world first TCL in 1981, as the first batch of Chinese electronic technology enterprises in the opening of the "Guangdong province" was born, than Lenovo 3 years earlier. The opening for the first real meeting China and the world, the outside world to attract young people in high and vigorous spirits. As after the resumption of college entrance examination lucky, then just graduated, TCL Group Chairman CEO Li Dongsheng as Guangdong Province, Huizhou City Industrial Development Corporation to introduce director, intensive contact with international multinational group. Li Dongsheng works at the beginning of the accumulation of TCL growth foreshadowed — TCL is destined to become an international enterprise. 2002 TCL took the first step in the internationalization of the acquisition of 8 million 200 thousand euros in Germany, Schneider, became the first Chinese manufacturing enterprises in the local. In 2004, Li Dongsheng has integrated the French Thomson TV business and global mobile phone Department Al Carter. Thus, Li Dongsheng was known as the "master of international Chinese". History is always surprisingly similar, Huaxing Power building 11 generation LCD panel production line of the news just came out, like a dozen years ago, the media all over the world once again to focus on the TCL Chinese enterprise and its subsidiary Huaxing Power on. Although the display in the semiconductor industry, is a new generation of Huaxing power enterprises, but does not prevent the enterprise development speed. "46 billion 500 million" "the world’s first production line of the 11 generation" "the world’s highest generation line". These words for just entering the panel industry in less than 5 years of Huaxing Power and the parent company of the TCL group, it means that the advanced, also means greater risk. From the past, SHARP starting in 2010 to enter the field of the 10 generation line, but because of the lower reaches of the sea is not open, the situation has not improved pile up in excess of requirement. Li Dongsheng to enter the 11 generation line market, and 12 years ago mergers Thomson, dare. At the time of the death squads long after the throes of rebirth. The 11 generation line again the world’s first, but also to the TCL group what kind of opportunities and challenges, to this end, TCL Group Chairman, CEO Li Dongsheng accepted the China business reporter interview. The two major industries on different "Chinese business": TCL launched the 11 generation line, currently the highest generation line in the global semiconductor industry, TCL would "dare", but before taking into account the Japanese SHARP 10 generation line underemployment rate, lower demand for unstable situation. Do you think that by July 2019, the 11 generation production line of large size, with the popularity of television, the sea will not fully open the downstream? Li Dongsheng: in recent years, LCD TV has been toward larger and higher resolution direction. The global market has seen a change in the size of the mainstream TV, the demand for large-size TV is expected to grow at an annual rate of more than 20%. Huaxing Power 11 generation production line once, will enable TCL in large size LCD TV panel production)相关的主题文章: