Tax cuts should be given to businesses and individuals-super bass

Tax cuts should be given to enterprises and individuals, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau held a meeting in October 28th to analyze the current economic situation and economic work. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to effectively implement a proactive fiscal policy to ensure fiscal expenditure. The meeting of the Political Bureau on fiscal policy is still a "positive", which means that, since the global financial crisis in 2008, China began to implement a proactive fiscal policy in the next period of time, still will continue. In the context of China’s economic downward pressure, maintaining a positive fiscal policy is correct. Especially considering the expansionary monetary policy difficult to continue, the risk of the financial system is more and more big background, continue to maintain a positive fiscal policy important to economic growth. Of course, we also need to implement a new positive fiscal policy for the current economy. Positive fiscal policy, called expansionary fiscal policy. The traditional expansionary fiscal policy to expand the infrastructure investment as the core, through the capital investment to increase the total social demand and employment, to solve the problem of economic deflation, ironing economic cycle fluctuations. This practice in the Great Depression of 1930s has achieved remarkable results. But in the last century, the 70s economic stagflation, the expansion of fiscal policy model failed. Economists have also changed the previous expansion of infrastructure investment as the core of the expansionary fiscal policy ideas, a new interpretation of expansionary fiscal policy. Now the passage of the expansionary fiscal policy, through the support of high-tech industry to stimulate economic growth, expand investment in education, health care, to alleviate the pressure of people in these areas, so as to achieve the goal of expanding the total social demand. On the tax, tax cuts, reduce the burden on small and medium enterprises and individuals to expand investment and demand. In the fiscal deficit, in the context of risk control, moderate increase the deficit, waiting for the economy to stabilize again, then cut the deficit. In the context of the current supply side reform, to build infrastructure as the core of the traditional positive fiscal policy, but also need to make some adjustments. In terms of fiscal expenditure, it is necessary to maintain the scale of fiscal expenditure in line with GDP growth, a substantial reduction in fiscal expenditure, there may be economic deflation. But perhaps the capital investment should be properly controlled, the supply side reforms, the excess capacity in the field of market clearing. Fiscal expenditure can turn to education, health care and other people’s livelihood, improve people’s spending power. At the same time, we should support the development of high-tech industry and promote the transformation of economic structure. In addition, companies and individuals can be considered a substantial tax cut. In the camp changed to gradually increase the background, the next step for corporate tax cuts, you can focus on the social security aspects of corporate tax cuts. But for the individual, the focus is tax reform, realize the transformation of the classification system to the combination of comprehensive and classification system, with the family as the basic unit of tax, reduce personal and family burden, so as to increase the total social demand. In the fiscal deficit, the central government can moderate the expansion of the fiscal deficit, the gradual decline in revenue growth in the background, this approach is necessary, of course, to control risk. 3% of the budget deficit is a more appropriate figure, if you want to increase, you need to seriously consider. For local government bonds,.相关的主题文章: